What Knowledge and Skills You Bring to this Job?

What can you bring to the team?

It is one of the most common questions of interviewers. If you have been to a few interviews, you might feel like it is their favorite. You would have come across it previously and will most probably face it in your next interview as well. It has another rephrased and equally popular form:

What knowledge and skills do you bring to this job?

Although this question is so common, the answer, not so. It isn’t easy either. The more distinguished response, the better it is for you. Of course, we are not asking you to lie or start tooting your own horn. It has to be something relevant to the job in line with your previous experiences, and obviously, the knowledge and skills. So, let’s break this down.

Why do they ask this question?

The reason this question is so popular is that the interviewers are trying to get a better understanding of you. What is your character? How are you as a professional? And where do your priorities lie? It gives an insight into what to expect of you in different situations. Whether or not you are a good fit in the company and its culture. And finally, to judge if you have sufficient hard and soft skills for the job advertised.

How to answer What knowledge and skills do you bring to this job?

So, now you have some understanding of this question’s significance and popularity, let’s get to how it should be answered.

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There is only one you.

What we mean from this statement is that you are unique. The main purpose of your interview is to set you aside from every other person who would be interviewing. So, talk about the skills, experiences, or accomplishments only YOU have. This means you might want to stay clear of you are hardworking and motivated. Almost every other person says that and is kind of a cliché that won’t win you any bonus points.

Your Skills are relevant.

While you think about your knowledge and skills that makes you unique, you have to focus on their relevant application. Think about why and how the company would benefit from your skills. For example, say you are interviewing for a sales job. You can talk about your communication skills and how you are always involved as an anchor for family events. You can also talk about the time when you sweet-talked your way out of a tough situation. Such as the time when your teacher almost sent you to the principal’s office because of a fun prank you pulled (as all youngsters do).

Be Equipped.

To really show your worth, don’t just explain your knowledge and skills, give some proof. You can start by talking about how your colleagues felt working with you. And about how your previous boss expressed on several occasions that they were proud of you. You can ask them to write you a reference letter, which you can use as a part of your answer. It shows that you are a person that they can trust and even has the proof to back up his or her claims.

Examples of Skills you can Mention:

  • Soft skills such as communication skills, customer service, and presentation skills.
  • Technical skills such as extensive software knowledge and expertise with the computer.
  • Leadership skills such as project management, team handling, task assignments.


The answer to this question – like every other interview question – should be unique to you. Avoid the clichés and don’t be shy of talking about your personal self. We know you like to put Instagram stories about yourself, well now is the time to truly utilize them. Just relax, take some prep-time, and be yourself during the interview. And we are sure you would absolutely nail this, as well as, every other interview question.

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