Amazon launches $250 million fund for Indian startups and small businesses

Amazon launches $250 million fund for Indian, Inc. is an American multinational technology company based in Seattle, Washington which focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. It is one of the Big Five companies in the U.S. information technology industry, along with Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook. The company has been referred to … Read more

The most developing industries in India

Digital Innovation Sector India now has more than 500 million Internet subscribers, meaning it has the second largest population of Internet-educated individuals on the planet.  In any case, only 19% of Indians approached a few years ago, which prompted the public authority to create a ‘Digital India’ crusade. This initiative … Read more

Best job opportunities in India

Digital Marketing It would not be correct to say that at the present time, marketing is one of the main centers of any business, especially disconnected on the web is a trick of the business. The move has likewise expanded interest for digital marketers. Enhanced showcasing during disconnected advertising is … Read more

2nd Covid-19 wave denied work from office plans in India 

denied work from office plans in India

Since the beginning of last year’s pandemic, many people in India have suffered huge losses. Whether it’s about mental and physical health or unemployment, COVID-19 has caused a nationwide disturbance. When the pandemic subsided to an extent, many companies were trying to bring back the workforce. For this, a work … Read more

Big drop in the number of non-farm laborers in India

non-farm laborers in India

India is facing several problems since the onset of the pandemic. The situation further became worse when the percentage of workers in the non-farm sector declined tremendously. This was observed in February 2021 when there was a shortage of labor force that went down to eleven million. Comparing this with … Read more

India’s industry flooded with technical job opportunities 

technical job opportunities

Being a developing nation, India is becoming digitized every day. With such a demand for technological processing, many opportunities are being created. Recently, various openings for technical jobs are observed on online job websites. One of the popular platforms, Indeed explained how companies are hiring experts for various positions. Application … Read more

Top 36 Jobsites in India – Country of Iron and Steel Production

jobsites in india

If you want to find your ideal job through jobsites in the India, then you are in the right place. Nowadays, there are many job platforms available on the internet. These websites helping sorting different jobs. Most of the companies post their requirements on these job portals. One can easily … Read more

Unemployment: Still A Major Issue in India

Unemployment: Still A Major Issue in India

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the entire world, many countries faced severe problems. Both money and livelihood were lost in this situation. Due to this, the unemployment rate increased in several parts of the world. Being a developing nation, India suffered a lot in every sector. The main problem arose … Read more

Best 10+ Career Coaches in India

Best 10+ Career Coaches in India

We’re here to help you find one favorite career coach. Look through the list of career coaches we found for you and visit their bio. We wish you all the best in your search. Hello People, We hope you are doing great. Today in this post we are publishing Best … Read more

Best 20 Indian Recruitment Agencies

Best 20 Indian Recruitment Agencies

We hope this list will help you in your search for the right Indian recruitment agency If you are searching for a perfect job agency in India, then you are in the right place. Here we have provided the list of Top Indian recruitment agencies. Check out the list below. … Read more