Flexible Hours or 24 Hour Work Cycles

flexible hours

Flexible Hours or 24-Hour Work Cycles? Work-Life Balance Don’t bring your work home with you. Haven’t we all heard this axiom before? There are several reasons why you should not bring your work home such as to avoid depression, not get annoyed towards family, or simply sidestepping a nervous breakdown. … Read more

Refused Holidays and Expected Extra Time


Were you Tricked? Remember that time when you went to your boss with your request for some time off, and your boss just plainly refused. Why did it happen? Don’t you deserve holidays? Is your employer trying to trick you into working more? These are some of the common questions … Read more

Bonus – How to Motivate Employees


Bonus can apply to a wide range of workers, except for some. Regular employees earn fixed monthly income, depending upon their general classification and years of service. The monthly wage is intended to cover the basic living expense of employees. Employees earn significant bonuses semiannually (i.e., June and December). Bonuses … Read more

Stress Leave – Your Health Matters More Than Your Job

stress leave

Stress Leave – The Life Grind Grinding is a part of life for someone who wants to be at a better place. You were also of the same opinion. Wake up, work, go home, sleep, and repeat the routine daily, again and again. But lately, you have known something is … Read more

Grievance Letter – How to Write and Respond to it

grievance letter

Grievance Letter – Silver Lining Compromises. Compromises… You tried to ignore your grievances, hoping beyond hope for a favorable outcome. But it has been a while and it seems like you have to take the awkward, and possibly uncomfortable, road towards a formal grievance letter. We know, you might be … Read more

Workplace: Attention to Equipment and Facilities Used in Workplace


By the definition of the workplace, a workplace is a location where someone works for their employer. And to work in a workplace you need equipment, tools, and machinery to carry out everyday tasks. All equipment has the potential to cause accidents and/or misuse. So, to ensure safe work practices, … Read more

Is Employee Training Important? Do you need it?

employee training

Do you really need Employee Training? You have picked up a new job role at a new firm. And you are pretty confident about your skills and capabilities in performing this new role. But something’s bothering you in your mind. Employee Training. What will be covered in it? How long … Read more

Top Ways to Determine if You’re Fit for a Job


How to determine if you are fit for a job? Bagging your dream job or any job for that matter is not a cakewalk in today’s competitive world. No matter how qualified you are or how much experience you hold, you are constantly competing against a bunch of other potential … Read more

Henri Fayol’s Managerial Plan Will Help You

Henri Fayol

  Henri Fayol was a Frenchman who is credited with the development of the general theory of business administration, which is famously named as Fayolism after him. His efforts and contributions to the field of business earned him the tag of the founder of modern management method. In a 1949 … Read more

HR Department – Bridge between Employers and Employees

HR Department

Human Resources – HR department is one of the most vital and influential departments within any company/organization. HR specialists are responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing, and placing employees. They also handle employee relations, payroll, benefits, and training. While HR staffs handle many of the matters pertaining to the employees of a company, such … Read more