I Don’t Know What Career I Want to Pursue

How do I know which career to study? I don’t know what career I want to pursue. I do not know what to study; what do I do?  These questions everyone had in their life.

But when we do not know what to study, it is usually due to a reason that is neither simple nor simple.

The problem, many times, is that during our entire lives as students, at no time have we stopped to think about what things we are passionate about and like, and even what we don’t like either.

As cliché as it may be, if you are not passionate about the career you choose, you have nothing to do with it. If you are already studying it and do not like it, I recommend that you consider abandoning it and finding one that does fulfill you.

Believe me that the more years you think you can lose are not compared to the time you are going to spend regretting or regretting.

Just consider that one thing is that you do not like your career and do not see yourself there in the future exercising it. Quite another is that there is a specific semester that you are not enjoying because of the tasks that have been left for you, by your teachers, or even your classmates…

What to do if I don’t know what career to study?

Eye! Apart from these tips, obviously, you have to start looking and researching what studying each career consists of (general description, job opportunities, subjects, study plan, etc.). Still, you must take into account that the first step to decide is to KNOW YOU.

What are you good at?

I know that it is not easy to define where to start to decide which career to study, but all teachers, psychologists, counselors, and even your parents, are going to say something to you “What are you good for?” and yes, they are right.

To choose a career without making mistakes, we need to know ourselves well and understand our strengths and abilities to identify the careers that are most akin to our tastes.

How do I know what I really want to study?

How I just told you to really know what you want to study, you need first to know yourself, many people say they want to study a certain career, however, at no time do they analyze if they are really going to like it and if they see themselves exercising something related in it.

Here are some steps to know what career to study; remember that it is essential that you take the vocational test, and if you want to make sure you choose correctly, you can enter the course.

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Understand our personality

The truth is that this is quite a complex topic, but I will try to simplify it in the following way.

There is a part of our way of being that we are born with: our instinctive way of acting (in fact, it is genetic inheritance); This part of us does NOT change. It is the innate part of who we are.

On the other hand, there is another part of us that changes depending on the situations we live in: our learning, our experiences, the environments in which we develop, among others … that is, this part of us DOES change, and it is shaping according to our interaction with our environment.

By combining these two parts, the personality is formed. This means that personality is your unique way of being. Even if there are people who look a lot like you … there are no two people like you! Simply by the fact that no one has lived the same as you …

So what is the use of knowing our personality? Knowing ourselves is the first step to identify our strengths and opportunities, better understand our way of thinking, feeling, and acting;

Therefore, it is essential to know the “configuration” of our way of being so that the decisions we make, whether in a career, as a couple, or in friendships, are more satisfactory and aligned with what we want.

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Define our skills and interests

In turn, knowing our natural abilities and interests will give us interesting clues as to which career paths to take.

We ALL have natural abilities, things we are good at; But, many of us find it difficult to recognize them because we believe it is something “normal” or “common.”

You need to allow yourself to identify the things given to you more easily, even if you think it is something “small”; the safest thing is that you have skills that you do not even know and can take into account for your future.

On the other hand, you must identify your interests, the things that you enjoy doing. And this topic is fascinating because sometimes, we believe that the things we like cannot be turned into something professional, but can I tell you something? … Of course, it can!

Many people are doing great things that they never imagined … sometimes, our minds are very closed, and we believe that our interests should be more traditional such as numbers, science, or technology.

However, great things can also be done with interests such as food, makeup, dance, movies, to name a few.



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