Why Do You Think This is a Great Place For You? Simple Question

It’s Simple Interview Question worth think about where is a great place for you

Such a simple question, with not so simple answer. Perhaps, that’s why it has made its way into the interview. So, why is it asked? Aren’t they aware that mostly the answer is that the interviewee thinks the pay is good? Or that they need the job?

While this may be the case, it is absolutely best to not go with those answers. First of all, it shows how little of an effort you have put into your answer. It mirrors your character about how much effort you would actually be investing while doing the job. Secondly, this is the case with every other person. So, what is so distinguishing about you from the other person that such an answer warrants a job for you?

And, while we are on the subject of what answers to avoid, let’s have another entry. Don’t say that this firm is perfect to give your career a kickstart. Or a milestone towards achieving bigger and better things. It shows that you are a person more focused on the future than on the now. It depicts that you already have one foot out the door even before entering. And would leave at the first chance you get in case of a better opportunity.

By your response, the interviewers are trying to determine whether you fit in with the company. Do you add value to the company? And if yes, what can be those values? They are looking for an engaged employee who is in-sync with the company’s ideology. It gives some certification that such an employee would be productive and stay at the firm for a longer time.

Your answer depends on your research

So, to absolutely nail your answer, you need to prove that you have done your research. Your ideas match the company’s philosophy. And especially that you WANT to work for this particular firm and will enjoy working there.

Start by doing a little digging by visiting the company’s website. Scour through the pages, specifically the “About Us” page. Find out what the company is involved in and what they are doing. Some companies even post articles and press releases, so that’s where you should be heading. And finally, visit their social media accounts to get a little familiarity with the company’s culture.

Just like every normal life interaction, interviewers also prefer someone who brings in the personal factor. Give a response that shows how the company’s visions are in line with your own personal goals.

For example, if you are getting into a sales job, talk about the time when you sold your old PlayStation at a decent price.

(Or in my case) if you are an engineer, talk about your personal projects. How you tried to nail Tony Stark’s Iron Man Suit (even if you failed miserably).

Is this a great place for you?

To come up with a perfect answer to the question of why this is a great place for you to work is to think of it this way:

Why would this company want to hire me?

Think about what skills you already have, something you are good at. Explain how you have the hard skills for the job. And also, the soft skills necessary with the occupation. While you are trying to do a bang-up job of the answer, consider splitting the response into the following three categories.

1.       How you can help the company succeed.

2.       What past professional or personal successes you can possibly repeat this firm.

3.       How you will add your own personal values to the company’s culture.


The answer to this interview question of “what makes this a great place for you” is a challenging task. Especially, when someone is trying to wing it. It makes many people freeze, while many others do not so well a job with stutters, “Umm”s, and “Uhh”s. But this is a question that you can anticipate and have a polished and natural answer prepared beforehand. And consequently, raise your chances of being right on the money with a perfect response.


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