Top 10 Working From Home Jobs

Top 10 Working From Home Jobs


Do you like working from home? With technology making it easier for us to work from anywhere we want, people’s working habits are swiftly changing. As a result, a massive number of individuals are utilizing options for remote employment.

By working from home, people may reduce travel time, spend more time with their families, and manage their schedules.

Some professions lend themselves more favorably to remote work prospects than others, but not all tasks can be performed from home. The top 10 occupations you can do from home are listed below.

Some of these positions are beginning-level for those just beginning their careers, while others can call for more experience.


Jobs That Let You Set Your Hours


The good news is that many professions allow you to set your hours! All you need to do is know where to look. We’re going to outline nine various jobs that are ideal for those who prefer to choose their hours rather than working standard office hours of 9 to 5.


1. Web Developer.

An average yearly wage of $59,343


Web developers create websites from scratch. Although many web developers work for marketing firms or huge enterprises with numerous websites, they can also operate as independent contractors because there is a great demand for their skills.

Web development is not a primary-level position because it requires training and expertise to finish projects to a high standard. It is, nevertheless, one of the more lucrative work-from-home jobs available.


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2. Graphic Designer.

The average yearly wage is $45,060.


Among other things, graphic designers produce landing sites, unique pictures, and logos. Because graphic designers work primarily alone and with design software, a home office setting is a good fit for their work.

Although many businesses engage full-time graphic designers for their internal projects, many graphic designers find work on platforms like Upwork.


3. An Agent For Customer Service.

$38,604 is the average annual pay.


Customer service representatives typically answer customers’ calls, and they also reply to emails. In customer service departments, representatives may be required to handle everything from processing returns to helping consumers fix issues.

Most customer care occupations only need a phone line and CRM software. Thus many businesses let their customer service representatives work from home.

While more specialized customer service positions could have more demanding qualifications, many offers paid training and are open to entry-level individuals.


4. Virtual Assistant.

Typical annual pay: $40,974


Meetings are scheduled, contact lists are kept up to date, emails are answered, and more by virtual assistants. Virtual assistants operate remotely using online scheduling systems, as the position description implies.

Companies can use virtual assistants without physical storefronts to provide administrative help for a whole workforce or personal assistance to an executive.

This is another work that may be performed from home, either part-time or as a freelancer.


5. Social Media Administrator.

$50,661 is the average annual pay.


Social media managers are in response to interacting with a company’s customers on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social media managers aid in the development of marketing strategies and the expansion of a brand’s fan base to increase a company’s influence.

Additionally, social media managers employ reporting tools to evaluate their performance and pinpoint the best ways to interact with their followers.

Social media management is a crucial function in virtually every sector nowadays because so much online product purchasing is socially motivated.

Even though Social Media Managers frequently work closely with the rest of their marketing team, they can still perform their work from home with the help of online meeting tools.


6. Content Writer.

$45,377 is the average yearly wage.


Writers of content provide thoroughly studied niche material for web publications. Many content writers operate as independent contractors so that they may keep contracts with numerous businesses, but some work full-time for only one.

Most of the research and writing that content writers perform is done alone. Therefore they are frequently permitted to work from home.

An ideal candidate for working from home as a content writer is someone who has excellent writing abilities and solid industry expertise.


7. Medical Transcriptionist.

average yearly wage: $32,673


Doctors and other health care providers often dictate their notes to save time while doing their duties in a clinical setting.

Nevertheless, to keep correct medical records, all of these comments must be put in writing. Medical transcriptionists can help with that.

Medical transcribers type up reports while listening to dictations. Transcriptionists typically need to know some medical terminology and type at least 40 words per minute to accomplish this.

This task, which must be completed alone and demands attention, is ideal for a home office.


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8. Bookkeeper.

Typical annual pay: $42,940


To ensure that firms have accurate and thorough financial records at year’s end, bookkeepers maintain track of the company’s revenue, expenses, and other financial transactions.

In addition to managing accounts payable and accounts receivable, bookkeepers can also manage payroll. A bookkeeper could work full-time for one company or several small enterprises simultaneously.

Although bookkeepers do not entail a complete accounting certification, they must often hold an Associate’s certification in either business administration or accounting.


9. Data Entry Clerk.

average yearly wage: $33,562


Data entry clerks compile information from various sources and input it into databases. Although it’s typically an entry-level role, the job requires meticulousness and a working grasp of databases and potentially other web tools.

Since they can get all the information they require using a computer and an internet connection, data entry clerks frequently operate from home.


10. Virtual Tutor.

The average yearly wage of $36,842


Using video conferencing tools, online tutors provide lesson plans, quizzes, and educational materials to assist students. An online teacher typically specializes in a particular subject or group of courses, making it worthwhile for students to pay for their time.

Tutors are often compensated per hour. Some online tutors are independent contractors, while others get jobs through websites like Skooli or TutorMe.




There are some ways to earn money online. Work-from-home possibilities, sometimes known as “gigs” or “side hustles,” can be short-term, continuous, part-time, and even develop into more meaningful careers.

Although there are many ways to make additional money from home, selecting the one that matches your experience, talents, and passions best is crucial.

We do, however, hope you all liked reading this essay. So why are you still waiting?

Take advantage of this possibility to work from home using your abilities and experience, and if needed, quit your tedious 9 to 5 job.



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