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top 10 countries good to work

Top 10 Countries Good to Work

Hi, find here Top 10 Countries good to work, where its worth it to go and start new life. So enjoy it and find your favorite country here, maybe your new home. Top 10 Countries Good to Work 1. Australia Australia is a country with an excellent quality of life, … Read more

Top 10 Travel Companies in the USA

Top 10 Travel Companies in the USA

Hello guys, someone mentioned in your comments traveling in the USA while Covid-19 situation, we hope with this information we will help you to find some Top 10 Travel Companies in the USA. So enjoy it and find your favorite company here, maybe your holiday even. Top 10 Travel Companies … Read more


Top 10 Most Valuable Companies in the World

Hello guys, While reading your comments for our previous “The Top 10s” articles, we have noticed that some of you guys are requesting the complete information about Top 10 Most Valuable Companies in the World. So in this article we are going to discuss about Top 10 Most Valuable Companies … Read more


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career fair

How to Follow Up after Career Fair

Opportunistic Career Fairs Career fairs are an excellent opportunity for you in many ways. You get to know of different companies, connect with recruiters, and decide on an enticing career path for yourself. It is also a chance for you to begin networking at the right places and leave a … Read more

knowledge and skills

What Knowledge and Skills You Bring to this Job?

What can you bring to the team? It is one of the most common questions of interviewers. If you have been to a few interviews, you might feel like it is their favorite. You would have come across it previously and will most probably face it in your next interview … Read more

Great Place For You

Why Do You Think This is a Great Place For You? Simple Question

It’s Simple Interview Question worth think about where is a great place for you Such a simple question, with not so simple answer. Perhaps, that’s why it has made its way into the interview. So, why is it asked? Aren’t they aware that mostly the answer is that the interviewee … Read more


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Our Company Section


Career Counselor

How to become a Career Counselor?

Is career counseling right for you? Career counselors are people that guide others to find the right job for themselves. Since you would be guiding others as career counselors, a question arises. Do you even know if a career as a Career Counselor right for you? What do career counselors … Read more

career cluster

What is Career Cluster?

Importance of Suitable Career In every person’s life choosing a career is a very crucial step. Not only does it have to be stable-paying but also interesting to the person. It should be suitable to the knowledge, skills, and provides a significant amount of satisfaction to their conscience. What is … Read more


4 Mistakes People Make That Can Hinder Their Promotion

Mistakes, Mistakes If you work really hard but never get a promotion, there are a few reasons you must know. There are some mistakes people make without even realizing it. People often don’t spend time thinking about their professional image and how certain actions can affect it. Not many people … Read more


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Our News Section


Traineeship Programme

Traineeship Programme to help people on the Isle of Wight into employment

The Isle of Wight have introduced a new Traineeship Programme to help the younger generations to have more employment opportunities.  The Traineeship Scheme, which is delivered by HTP Apprenticeship College, has been supported by the Isle of Wight Council and the Isle of Wights Chamber of Commerce. This scheme is … Read more

furlough scheme

Furlough Scheme in the UK extended until end of September

Rishi Sunak is set to announce in the 2021 budget that the furlough scheme will be extended until the end of September 2021.  This year’s budget is going to be announced on Wednesday 3rd March. In this budget, it is expected that a lot of the financial aid programmes, that … Read more


Gender Pay Gap Reporting to be Postponed

It is no secret that the majority of women within the UK are earning less than their male co-workers. This issue has been around since women were even allowed to go to work, and it does not feel like it’s about to go away anytime soon. Especially, because of lockdown … Read more


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