India’s industry flooded with technical job opportunities 

Being a developing nation, India is becoming digitized every day. With such a demand for technological processing, many opportunities are being created. Recently, various openings for technical jobs are observed on online job websites.

One of the popular platforms, Indeed explained how companies are hiring experts for various positions. Application developer, salesforce developer, site reliability engineer, and lead consultant are a few of the openings posted by different organizations.

The percentage of these postings increased to a tremendous amount this year. Around 150 to 300 percent increase was seen in many technology sectors. Furthermore, these are some of the top roles in any company. This was observed from January 2020 to February 2021.

With such an improvement in the employment sector, that too in the technical department can open new doors for many aspirants. Technological solutions are needed in every part of the world.

Therefore, having such opportunities can not only help in the growth of India but also provide a stable income to many people.

Why employment opportunities are increasing in the technological sector?

Three main factors resulted in such a high amount of job postings for technical aspirants. First, is the dependency on the technical workflow that is adopted by many organizations. Due to this, companies require more skilled and technically sound individuals for the job.

The second important factor that helped in this growth is the work from home system. It was an effective solution during the pandemic. Moreover, the work from the home process was used to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

But later on, many businesses started accepting this solution which gave rise to more work-from-home jobs.

Lastly, many business groups modified their infrastructure with the latest technological features. This was done to further enhance their business capabilities. Due to this, there was a high rise in the technical job postings.

The data provided by indeed also described the conditions of employees. Several companies demand technical roles in various designations like field engineers, editors, and lead generators. The overall increase ranged from 55 to 85 percent since January 2020.

These studies were conducted in several metro cities of Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Delhi. The facts and findings were almost the same in every part of the nation.

However, the situation was different in Kolkata. Job postings in that region were mainly concerned with business and retail development instead of requiring any technical background.

Managing director of Indeed India, Sashi Kumar explained how India Inc’s development in the process of digitization has remained constant in the post-pandemic era. Technical jobs were high-in-demand before and are still increasing rapidly.

He further added that developers in the tech industry are becoming more available due to remote working environments. This has also resulted in a huge learning curve for the nation.

Moreover, focusing on online businesses and developing solutions have connected many employees, customers, and students. As a result of which we see an improvement in tech employment opportunities.


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