Unilever recruiting new members in their family

Unilever recruiting new members

Unilever introduced job opportunities in the sectors of sales, technology, and factory work job opportunities are mainly provided in the fieldwork that is in the factory of cleaning, packing, and moving.

They haven’t asked for much qualification and experience for the on fieldwork, which is seen to be a good opportunity for fresher’s, looking for jobs.

While they are looking for experienced people for the vacancies they introduce in the technology field. In the marketing sector sales, executives place they open up for the people who are good at marketing.

This seems to be good opportunity for the people who lost their existing jobs in between lockdown and those who are in need of a job. Unilever has introduced these vacancies in different cities in various sectors.

They haven’t mentioned the salary yet, but promise to give PF with it and providing traveling services too if you are leaving in range of 18kilometer. Mainly they come with job opportunities for fieldwork for which no professional experience needed.

The article, which they have disclosed on their companies page has welcomed the people who want to be a part of Unilever’s family and want to serve with them.

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They enforced people to join their Talent Network community to stay updated with their job-related inquiries in the nearby area. And have mentioned that, because of this Covid-19 there might be possibilities of delay in the opening of job opportunities in their other departments and too stated that, how they have handled their employees virtually in lockdown and how they are working for their safety, now.

Mr. Sanjiv Mehta, the Chairman, and MD of Hindustan Unilever has come with an encouraging and approaching video for the people who are interested to work with them and want to explore themselves with the company’s experiences.

They said in their video, “ if you have that burning ambition to learn and develop yourself and if you want to understand different levers of business; if you want to develop your leadership equipment; if you have a passion to win then come and join us.”

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