Microsoft customers looted by Russian Hacking Campaign

Microsoft recently mentioned in their blog post that they have identified over 40 of them customers handling problematic version of a third-party IT management program. They highlight the name of The Russian Hacking Campaign in this blog specifically.

Many people from different places have been the host of this cyber breach. There are 80% of the people who have suffered from this breach are reported from the US; while others from seven different countries as they stated: Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Spain, United Kingdom, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates. “It’s a certainty that the number and location of victims will keep growing,” said Microsoft President Brad Smith.”

The software that the suspected Russian malware was delivered by Solar Winds Orion has 18,000 global customers which include government agencies, private companies, and other organizations. Microsoft has reported in their analysis that this “reached many major national capitals outside Russia.”

Microsoft customers looted by Russian Hacking Campaign

It has been working as an investigative partner with cybersecurity firm Fire Eye, which is also trapped in this cyber breach and became one of the victims and has issued the first warning about this supply chain attack immediately as they alerted by this crime.

Microsoft beliefs, the software sold by solar winds have been carrying malicious file which was linked to the Russian Hacking Campaign which must have harmed many.

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In their favor, Microsoft started from their way that, ‘ their investigation is in process and they don’t use any unlawful way to damage competitors system. Still, Microsoft was unable to present the relevant evidence that attackers have damaged their access and there is no data breach occurred from their side.

The installation of this malware file has available a golden opportunity to attackers of tracing the information of customers with whom the organization would love to tie up further too, which shows that they did this breach with we’ll build plan and in a systematic manner which prevent them to get detected from the virus prevented software. And host many people from a different nation at a time and 40 customers of Microsoft too.

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