Work Cycle: Flexible Hours or 24 Hour Work Cycles

Flexible Hours or 24-Hour Work Cycles? Work-Life Balance

Work Cycle: Don’t bring your work home with you.

Haven’t we all heard this axiom before? There are several reasons why you should not bring your work home such as to avoid depression, not get annoyed towards family, or simply sidestepping a nervous breakdown.

But with the introduction of Work from Home, your workplace is your home. What do you feel would be better: flexible hours or sticking to a 9-5 routine? So, now what can you do? What sounds more alluring: working at your own hours or replying to work emails at 2 in the morning?

Work has crept into our personal life, but it also requires some balancing actions between work life and personal lives. The first step is to actually accept that there is no “perfect” work-life balance. You have to strive for the best with the hand you are dealt with. Some days you would be required to work longer. But the silver lining is you could substitute these hours on another day enjoying with friends, family, or pursuing your hobbies.

To have a decent work-life balance, it is necessary to establish a boundary. Devote a proper time of day when you do nothing else but work. You may find that sticking to the 9-5 routine is the most reasonable method. Some bosses would still send you emails outside of work hours but remember it is you who trains people how to behave with you. So, you can adopt the method of politely informing them that you would look at the document and come up with the reply first thing on the next work-morning.

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Establishing a boundary

It is particularly important for you if you are a freelancer. Numerous memes are circulating on the internet that shows a worker who spends their day in 2 locations – work desk to the bed, and then to the desk, returning back to bed, daily. This scenario isn’t hard to relate to and many office workers would also find themselves in a similar situation, where their locations become office and home. Establishing a boundary becomes essential in these states, so proper motivation can be allocated to work while personal life would remain enjoyable.

According to various studies, more than 50% of employees have unused vacation days at the end of the year. This is generally due to the fear of a backlog of work when returning.

However, taking some time off has proven to improve productivity. It helps to get you out of an unmotivated rut and return to work with speed, dedication, and motivation. So, take some time to unplug whether by gaming – which is very popular these days – reading novels, or just pursuing any type of your hobby.

Love your work

It becomes easier to manage work-life and personal life if you are doing something you love. If your job is something that you enjoy so much that you’d rather do it for free you are in the ideal place of life. Actually, you don’t even need to love your job, but it shouldn’t be something that makes you hate getting out of bed every morning for the job. Ensure your career goals align with your interests. If not, then having a clear picture of how and when your goals will align will keep you encouraged and contented towards your work life as well as your personal life.

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