How to Build Your Career in One Company 2021

How to Build Your Career in One Company

Build Your Career in One Company could belong way but it could be worth it.

You might be worried about changing companies because then you would have to, pretty much, start from the beginning. And even then, there’s no assurance whether the new work environment and responsibilities would be suitable for you or not!

Instead of being stuck around the same jobs at different locations, it is better to stay at the same firm and build your way up the ladder. But you already know that otherwise why would you be reading this? Here are some tips for you to help you succeed in your organization.

Always be Open to Grab Opportunities

This one sounds a bit ordinary, after all, who would want to miss out on an opportunity. However, what I am talking about is to grab on to extra work. Sometimes, your boss would be too demanding of you. They might need someone to stay the extra hours to finish up on a task. Even though you are not required to volunteer, you should.

This puts you on the radar of those in charge. When they notice that you are someone they can rely on – and gets a decent job done – they would remember you when any sort of opportunity arises.

Building a Network

No, we don’t want you to build an internet network (although, the analogy is not too far apart). What we want you to do is build your own human network. This means going beyond the departmental confinements and interacting with others. Instead, of eating at your desk, try conversing with new people in the common area. This gives you an idea of different functional units within your firm. You might even find areas that pique your interest, and you might want to pursue that.

Development Programs

By building your network, you might have gotten an understanding of different processes occurring in your company. You can pursue development programs in areas that excite you the most. You can also join courses for in-demand skills in your workplace.

Human Resources, and organizations for employee development, are often very happy to facilitate employees who show an interest in advancement. Besides, you can even enroll in online learning courses. The opportunities are endless, you just need to know what you want.

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Jack of All Trades AND Master of One

The old adage has been misquoted a lot of times, but the original saying goes like this:

“Jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

With the development of the internet, everything is available just a click away. It gives us the opportunity to expand our skillset to a wider variety, which was not possible in unconnected times of before. You should always be creating new opportunities for yourself.

Your focus should be on retraining and reeducating yourself on the skills you already possess, and every so often, going beyond your area of expertise. After all, that’s where growth lies – to learn new things, mostly, outside the comfort zone.

It’s Just Around the Corner!

With the stability of the job, many professionals can enjoy their career up to 30 years under the same roof – and many have. But that’s exactly what it requires: some patience and perseverance. You should know that you are in it for the long run. Stay motivated and devoted to your work.

Educate yourself in newer skills and refine your old ones. Always be ready to not only pounce but also to create your own opportunities. Your big break – might be sluggish but – it’s just around the corner!


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