What is Employer Sponsorship?

What is employer sponsorship?

Employer sponsorship is when an employer sponsors an employee from another country to come and work for them in their country. They would provide some financial or legal backing to enable the individual to do their job in the new country. Generally, it is done by providing the individual with an employment visa.

The World is your Oyster. Why do you need an employer’s sponsorship?

You have been working at your job for quite a while. But you want to explore your options more. See what’s out there. Meet new people and travel the world. But you are worried that you don’t have the financial backing for your endeavors. That’s when you asked around and came across the word “employer sponsorship”.

Employer sponsorship is the most effective way that lets you work in a country where you have no history. Originally, you don’t have a legal right to work in a country where you are not a native. It is against the law. So, to be able to live and work there, you need to have ancestry there or have a spouse.

It is highly unlikely that you would have an ancestor in the new country. And it is equally irresponsible to get married for this purpose. Your best – and easiest – option is to get an employment sponsorship.

What is an employment visa?

An employment visa is a document or paperwork that lets you work in another country based on employer sponsorship. It is basically something to convey to the authorities that you have a right to work in the country.

There are different types of visas. Priority worker visa, skilled worker visa, and certain special immigrant visa, which is related to religious employment reasons.

There is also an immigrant visa sometimes called an employment visa. You can also apply for a job seeker visa, or if you are a freelancer, a self-employment visa. There are still many more visas depending on your application, requirement, and country of employment.


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Costs and challenges of employer’s sponsorship.

Costs. Risks. Exhaustion.

Employer sponsorship can be quite expensive. A simple employment visa alone can cost up to $500. A skilled worker visa in the US can cost as high as 700-1200$. A similar visa in the UK can cost around £580. It can get more costly if you decide to take the help of an agency or professional for help.

Some hidden costs are also there such as acquiring clearance forms from local police departments. The courier services for this really rack up to be costly. Not to mention the main expenditures of relocation, health insurance, and visa application fees.

Employer’s sponsorship can be costly in terms of both: time and money.

When you go to another country you have to be extra careful. Make sure you don’t break any laws. Any little of actions can lead to your deportation. You have to make yourself extra aware of new rules that you might not have encountered in your own country. For example, many countries allow smoking in open areas. And yet many add an extra rule that it shouldn’t be a public space.

Relocating can be exhausting for the immigrant. Many have to leave behind their loved ones. They get homesick. They move out of their comfort zone meaning they have to put in extra effort for adjustment.

So why do it at all?

First of all, the employer takes the responsibility for the employee’s immigration. They indicate to their country’s immigration department that they have a job need that only a foreign national can fulfill. So, with so many hassles, why do it at all? Well, there are many reasons and they totally outweigh these minor inconveniences.

Diversity. Skill. Determination and Persistence.

You hire a diverse team that goes beyond the confines of race and color. You have diversity in knowledge and experience as well.

Skill and knowledge are something that isn’t restricted to borders. By limiting your talent pool to your borders, you are actually limiting yourself from the incredible talent out there.

Someone who has left their home would try to become stable at the new place. Since it is out of their comfort zone they are looking to make more efforts on settling into it. This can often mean going the extra mile every now and then. They are more focused, determined, and resolute on making their employment a success.

So, I would say employer sponsorship is something that should be encouraged. The benefits are humongous for both: employer and employee. What do you think?



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