How to Return a Missed Call to Potential Employer 3 Tips

Why return a missed call when you can text?

How to return a missed call? Some people get a bit nervous when they see someone calling their phone instead of just leaving a text message (I am “some” people). But they still pick up the call and everything goes well from there.

Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if they said they have to take some prep-time to make a phone call. I can only imagine what they would go through when they miss a call from a potential future employer.

Missed the chance?

Their minds would be going through thousands of questions. Heck, even the people who don’t get nervous in such scenarios would be stuck in a dilemma. Should they call back? Or should they leave a text message? What should be written in the message?

“Maybe I should just move on from this job because I missed my chance” – some would think this way. After all, it seems reasonable. The employer might be busy and have several candidates lined up for the interview call. Why would they even bother calling back later?

Well, first of all, Calm Down. No, you did not miss your chance. And no, you definitely don’t need to move on from this job.

Anyone can miss a call due to several reasons. Most employers wouldn’t mind this and understand it. So, you calling them back can go in your favor… provided you play your cards right.

Now, I only say this because it’s quite normal to go into a panic state after missing the call. You made the call, good, but you got confused and it could have gone better if you were calm. So, that’s what you need to do first. Calm down your nerves.

Get all relevant data around you such as your CV, job description, and any notes regarding the interview’s potential questions. This would put you in the right mindset with the right answers for the interview. Here’s what you need to do next.


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What you should do when you want to return a missed call.

1. Start by apologizing briefly.

Well, this goes without saying even in the case of normal phone calls. When you return your employer’s phone call, start by apologizing briefly for missing the call.

Throw in a suitable excuse as well. For example, say something along the lines that you missed the call because you were driving and couldn’t answer the phone.

Although it is good to always tell the truth but do avoid mentioning something that may sound irresponsible.

Do you think it would go well for you if you said, “you missed the call because you were gaming and didn’t notice your phone ring”?


2. Send a text message or leave voicemail

If they don’t answer their phone, send them a text message or leave voicemail. Similarly here, start with a brief apology about missing the call and then mention your name and reason in voicemail or in the message.

End the message or voicemail by asking them when you should expect to hear back from them.

Then wait for the answer or wait for them to call you back. If that doesn’t happen call back half an hour or hour later.

You don’t need to sit around and wait all day, after all, your time is valuable as well.


3. Reschedule if you need to.

Assuming they answer back, ask them “if now is a good time to conduct the interview, or do we need to reschedule?” Hopefully, after that everything will go normally as interviews do.

Make sure you pick a time when you are confident that you would be available. You don’t want to miss the call a second time now do you?

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Cash up on the second chance.

These things happen. Missing a phone call from a potential employer can also happen. But the important thing is you don’t beat yourself up.

After doing all that, if you still aren’t able to get an answer from them, leave them an e-mail as well.

Employers understand that it’s not totally unreasonable to miss a call. You would most probably get your second chance.

It’s imperative then that you cash up on it and turn the things around your way – which I am sure you will (All The Best or Good Luck).


We hope “How to return a missed call” post helped you and you will come back for more advice.

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