What are Career Research Papers?

Career research papers are meant to give you accurate knowledge and information, based on facts, of your career choice. These are incredibly useful as they help students to choose a career that seems appealing to them.

And also, it makes them aware of the negativities and drawbacks of the career that they might have previously chosen for themselves.

What a Successful Career Paper includes.

Before you start gathering your data for the Career Paper, you should understand what aspects it should cover.

A successful Career Paper should:

  1. Discuss your career goals.
  2. Describe your talents and interests.
  3. Reason and data on a single (or sometimes two) career.
  4. Discuss the data and facts of that career.
  5. Correctly cited sources.
  6. Clearly stated advantages and disadvantages of the career.
  7. The summary of what was learned, in the conclusion.

How to write Career Research Paper?

Brainstorm Sessions

Before you begin writing your career research paper, you go through an exploration and examination process. You think of ideas for a career.

You carry out your investigations on different types of careers out there. You would be going through the following steps in your brainstorm session:

  • Noting down the career of all people close to you.
  • Noting down the career of your favourite personality or a successful personality such as Elon Musk or Bill Gates.
  • Asking yourself what career seem appealing to you.
  • What careers do you feel you would be good at? What are your interests?
  • And finally, taking guidance from wherever possible. Such as Career counsellors, friends, families, or online platforms such as CareerBuilder.com.

Define your Aims and Objectives.

The aim is your long-term goal. What you want to achieve well into the future. And the objectives are what you need to complete on your way to successfully achieve your aim. So, when defining your aims and objectives you should consider the following factors:

  • How much money do you want to potentially make in a career choice?
  • How many hours, on average, would you be willing to work?
  • Where can you go to work and where do you want to work? And
  • Will you have opportunities to move up the ladder in a career choice?

Identifying your Talents

The 3rd step in writing a career research paper is identifying your skills and interests. What are your talents and what intrigues you? Make a note of what you are good at and what you want to get good at.

Cracking the Books

You have almost completed all of the basic work. Now, comes the part where you note down every useful information about the careers you have chosen so far. So, it’s time to really do your research by going to the library and hitting the books. Going on the internet and gathering data. Interviewing people in the career fields that you have chosen. Remember to note down your sources as well as you go through each activity.

Making Tables, Graphs, and/or Charts

Now you have almost all your data it is time to assemble them. Make an advantages/disadvantages table of your career. Place their noticeable features on a graph if they can be. Or what I suggest is that you develop a chart such as a Pie chart. It will let you align advantages and disadvantages as well as your goals, skills, and interests.

Writing your Career Research Paper.

Now comes the actual part of a career research paper: writing the career research paper. But don’t worry, it’s easy. You have already completed almost all the work. Now you just need to put them in a draft form. You need to follow these steps in your writing.

  • In the introduction, write about yourself – your talents, interests, skills, and goals.
  • End your introduction with a declarative sentence about the career you chose for the paper.
  • In the body of the paper, discuss important information along with some explanation.
  • Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the career along with the necessities you would need for the career.
  • Discuss a backup plan as well but be sure to link it to the primary plan.
  • And finally, mention the resource location such as schools, colleges, and career colleges, etc.

Hopefully, now you have all the information you need to successfully write your career research paper. This information is very valuable to you as it can, and should, help you to choose the right career for yourself.

However, if you feel like it, you should keep doing your research if you come across a better career choice. Because everyone gets wiser with age and you will too!



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