The Attorney General says Texas is suing Google for “anti-competitive behavior.”

According to State Attorney General Ken Paxton, Texas is suing Google for anti-competitive behavior.

Paxton has announced a multi-state lawsuit against Alphabet Inc. In a video posted on his social media on Wednesday by the owner of Google.

“I am proud to announce that Texas has filed a lawsuit against Google for its multi-broadcast lawsuits against anti-competitive behavior, exclusion practices, and fraudulent misinformation,” Paxton said in a video posted on Twitter.

Texas Tweet Against Google

A Google spokesman told that digital competition has been the face of a highly competitive industry over the past decade.

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“Attorney General Paxton doesn’t have the right to advertising technology rights, but he has passed everything. We have invested in innovative advertising technology services that help businesses and customers to profit, ”the spokesman said.

“We strongly defend his unfounded claims in court.”

This comes after the Justice Department (DJ) filed a separate complaint alleging that Google monopolized Internet search services by cutting back on rivals. Ten other public prosecutors from Texas and the Republic joined the Justice Department in the case.

“If it’s a free-market baseball game, Google is a shooter, a batter, a referee,” Paxton said.

“The company that uses its power to manipulate this Goliath market destroys competition and harms consumers … These actions are hurting everyone in America.”

Paxton did not specify the exact rates for a Texas settlement on Google, and no complaint has been filed in court.

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