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Employee Recognition Day

The employee recognition day might fall on March 4th, but a good boss knows that there is no such thing as an employee recognition DAY. It is one of the abilities that sets a good leader apart from common managers, and they realize that it is an important part of company culture to be followed all year round.

According to a survey conducted by Globoforce, a massive amount of 40% of employees stated that they did not receive any kind of appreciation at all, from their bosses, for the past year. Such simple a task that takes no more than just a few minutes a day, if utilized properly, can result in staggering amounts of benefits for the boss and the company. Employee appreciation helps in improving trust, worker satisfaction, well-being, and the overall spread of healthy and positive vibes in the workplace. Let’s see why a few words of appreciation daily are important.

Happy Employees are Motivated Employees

Not everyone takes their work home with them, but they do take their feelings and experiences of home. After a day’s exhaustion, these feelings might come up at home as an unnecessary fight with the loved one. Or it can also come up in the form of a pleasant gift for the significant other. These feelings become part of a perpetual cycle and eventually start showing up in day-to-day work.

When you appreciate your employees and show them how their work is impacting your business, they will feel happy with themselves. It will develop feelings of motivation and goodwill for the firm and they will be inspired to work even harder.

2-Way Relationship Based on Trust

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It is no doubt how trust plays an important factor in the workplace and how it is one of the most valuable quality. But it must start somewhere. All that is required for trust build-up is a strong foundation laid by friendly relations backed up by a few words of appreciation. It is the boss that might need to take the first step and then see the results of the hard work – the employee would be more than happy to perform.

According to studies: 90% of employees who received recognition from their bosses showed a high level of trust; in contrast with a meager 48% who trusted their bosses without receiving any recognition. Another research indicates that when there is more trust in the workspace, employees are 23% more likely to offer more ideas and solutions.

Employees are not Robots

Sometimes, employees might feel like they are stuck in a dead-end job, and in the same 9-5 Robot-like routine. The feeling can easily be changed by a few words of appreciation daily. Try to be a little more specific than a simple “thank you for all your efforts”. Help them see how big of an impact they make to the business and how important an asset they are to the firm.

Loyalty and Employee Retention

When employees are constantly appreciated, they find satisfaction in their workplace. They recognize and feel like they are not working but spending time with friends. If they are in an easy and pleasant workspace, their loyalty would make them stick with the firm for the long-term.

Employee appreciation is often coupled with employee training. A good leader would recognize high-performing employees and put more responsibilities on them. When the employee sees that the firm is investing in their learning and that they trust them, they would become loyal and try to return the favor by working hard for them.

Healthy Working Environment

There are several forms of appreciation. Some employees prefer it to be done in a one-on-one meeting, while a few fancies public recognition. Feelings of healthy competition are nurtured within employees where each of them tries to perform better than before. Couple that with a few rewards and see your employees go the extra mile for the firm.


Employees are not nearly as much recognized as they should be in the workplace. It might be because the boss is too busy and does not have time to daily interact with the employees. Nonetheless, it is an extremely important task with valuable benefits. It does not even require much effort but the rewards that can be reaped from it are too precious to be ignored.

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