Facebook removed ‘Like’ button in their new design

Facebook incorporation has removed Like button in their new update design from the public pages; which were used by artists, public figures, brands and the social media company for the promotion purpose. They connect to the audience through this mode, which is basically called as social media marketing.

After this update Facebook will only show followers and news feed. There users can join conversations, interact with peers and engage with fans, the company commented on their blog post.

“We are removing likes and focusing on followers to simplify the way people connect with their favorite pages” Facebook said about the redesign. This is mainly done for foster community to reach to the public who are actually interested in their work and business; this would help them to achieve their business objectives with the specific audience they want deal with too.

The most noticeable change in Facebook redesign is that, one cannot see how many people really liking their work as there is no ‘like’ button anymore. And it’s no longer possible for users to see how many likes a page has received; they could only see the number of people have followed them instead of number of people liking their post.

With this new design for the first time, page managers can now show a dedicated feed apart from their personal feed on their page, which could be the plus point for the managers. Suggestions for trending content will be shown in the News Feed as well.

Facebook making it easy through their new design to the users to navigate between their personal and professional profile.

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