Effects of Coronavirus in UK

Covid pandemic’s effect has been seen worldwide. The United Kingdom is one of the countries that has been affected majorly by Coronavirus. It has been affected economically. The GDP has gone down rapidly due to falling in output for manufacturing, services, transport, construction, etc.

It has been noted that the GDP went down by more than 20% suddenly in the month of April 2020. Due to the complete lockdown, the whole process of production, trading, has been paused due to which there was no profit-making for a period of time. Industrial production has gone down due to less demand and profits.

Effects of Coronavirus in UK

The major fields that took major loss were

  • Sports division
  • Tourism
  • Food and beverages selling activities
  • Cinema and creative arts
  • Fashion and styling

The one positive outcome of Coronavirus is less pollution. The CO2 emission in the UK has decreased by approximately 28 million tonnes since people were not willing to take their vehicles and set out for work or journeys.

The majority of the population is staying home and hence the flight traveling’s have been decreased by 70%. The government even made implemented “The rule of six” wherein, there must not be more than 6 people in a public gathering. It even got the three-tier rule in which each place is assigned with a different set of rules based on the infection rates.

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The three tiers were the very high alert, high, and medium affected levels. In the list of Coronavirus cases, the UK stands in 10th position. It hasn’t been affected by a greater number of cases since the lockdown has been strictly implemented at the right time.

Talking about business, many companies in the UK have been experiencing major losses. The marketing is low due to less demand. The taxes became a major problem for the companies as well as its citizens. Some people even went bankrupt.

For enduring this loss and to prevent it from happening more, the companies and government have been thinking of contingency plans that can benefit their citizens and workers. The United Kingdom has been fighting this pandemic with its best energy.

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