Australia Stops Covid-19 Vaccine Manufacturing

Covid-19 Vaccine

Phase 2 and phase 2 trials of the Covid-19 vaccine have been stopped by the Australian government, UQ, and CSL as some participants have shown HIV positive after the first phase trial.

The Covid-19 vaccine has been developed by the University of Queensland UQ and biotech firm CSL. After the first phase results of the Trial Company recommended stopping the further phase trials.

Trials have been done with taking care of all the safety measures, CSL has said in his statement: “The potential for this cross-reaction had been anticipated prior to the commencement of trial.”

In the ensuing statement passed by CSL, they have stated that, “No inauspicious symptoms had been stated in the trials and the vaccines that are used in trial have been handled with all the strong safety measures on 216 participants of this trial.”

Whereas trial data report revealed that antibodies generated by the vaccine interfered with HIV diagnosis and bring the false test of HIV positive in the clique.

Following the investigation, it’s has been discovered that there is no HIV virus antibodies were present in the test, it was just a false report submitted on certain HIV tests.

There are no chances of the development of any infection in the body of participant through the vaccine that could cause HIV, CSL stated.

CSL already informed the participants that the trial would be taken with some HIV participants too and safety of vaccine and procedure of vaccination have been done with all security have assured.

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The manufacturing of vaccines at CSL’s biologics facility in Victoria was developed using an existing UQ technology called a “molecular clamp”.

In the reaction to CSL statement, Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison said “what happened today is not a surprise to the Government. We are moving swiftly but not with any undue haste,” he said, adding the system’s working as it should and Australians are protected, as always.

After such a tragic event, the whole world has their watch on the second and third phase trials of the covid-19 vaccine in Australia.

Taking care of this situation UQ and CSL started working on further trials with more efforts and safety measures.

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