WhiteHat Jr to Generate Employment Opportunities in India in the Next 3 Years

Online coding school for young kids WhiteHat Jr expanding their business in non-English speaking countries like Mexico and Brazil. This two years old company has earned incredible success in such a short period with 15 lakh genuinely paying students and conducting almost 40,000 classes per day with the staff of 11,000 teachers in India, the US, the UK, New Zealand, and Australia as per the CEO of White Jr Mr. Karan Bajaj, in the interview settled by PTI.

They are now planning to open maths classes and for that, they are looking for 1,00,0000 expertises in maths to provide quality work to their customers. They are hiring specifically women staff for teaching, which supposes to be a good opportunity for the women in the teaching field to earn from home as per their convenience in Flexi able timing within the salary equivalent to IIT and IIM graduates. They have mentioned that they are looking for female teachers which are highly qualified and fully employed.

WhiteHat Jr to Generate Employment Opportunities in India

This one and one business has earned great success in India and now students of the US, Australia, and New Zealand also showing interest in this. In the interview, Mr. Karan Bajaj said, “White Jr enrolling schools for teaching coding, they already have 100 schools on a roll and planning to expand it up to 1000 in few months.”

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They are now about to enter into the international market to teach coding all over the world also the subjects which students find difficult to deal with maths and science.

The company achieved 60percent of local business in the pandemic situation and now they are so close to the count of 100 with their annualized revenue of USD 150 million.

Though the company has seen so many criticisms on social media because of their promotional advertisement, they have grown rapidly in a very short era of time with their set philosophy of earning the trust of customers and dedication to work.

“The core thought of the company has always been pure: kids should be builders and creators. The power of coding is that kids use coding to build, create stuff.

We celebrate the joy of the kid’s creativity. We have gone back to that in the last few months” he added.

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