3 tips what to do when an employee quits suddenly

Find here few tips what to do when an employee quits suddenly.

Receiving the news that an employee has decided to leave the company is one of the situations that arouses the greatest fear in a manager, realizing that a worker has put aside his responsibilities in the office and that the company is not part of his plans.

Future can often be seen as a stab in the back, especially for those managers who tend to take things very personally. Although business leaders are trained to design welcome programs for new employees and make everything go very well when an employee starts working in the company, what to do when a worker resigns? This is something you are hardly ever prepared for.

Instead of panicking, looking for guilty, and looking at your employees with disappointed eyes, you act in the most positive way possible. With this, you will protect the company and also develop strategies to prevent other employees from leaving.

What to do when a worker quits

Here are some recommendations that can help you deal with this situation in the best way not to create conflicts and end the working relationship on good terms. Let’s see:

First, the human resources area must evaluate the reasons or circumstances for which the worker has decided. A collaborator may decide to resign due to a problem that has a solution, and that is when you can act to reach an agreement that benefits both parties.

For example: if the worker needs a more flexible schedule or a few days to take a vacation, you can offer solutions not to leave the company.

In case the decision is strong, the human resources team must fill the position immediately so that the employee who requested the resignation can offer training to the person who will fill his vacancy.

Requests the employee who resigns a report of all the activities carried out in the last month and those that are pending without forgetting, the access data to their accounts such as business email, assigned computer if there is one, business systems, etc.

Finally, make sure that the employee receives all the stipulated payments in the law, such as pending vacations, Christmas bonuses, seniority premium, etc.

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How to protect your company when an employee quits?

How you handle the resignation of a worker is so important that when it is not done correctly, it can end up damaging the company’s processes, affecting the work environment and the morale of the rest of the collaborators; therefore, you must make sure to protect the company so that things go as well as possible. Here are some ways to do it:

Don’t let an employee be indispensable to the company.

They say that an employee can never have the keys to the kingdom because if one day he decides to leave, no one else will enter. This is something that you should always consider to avoid that the absence of an employee makes the business stagger.

One way to achieve this is by analyzing each employee work’s work, the tasks that only one person knows how to do to offer training to the rest and avoid making a person indispensable.

Document knowledge

It is normal for your employees to acquire a lot of knowledge during their time with the company, and to some extent, this is a great thing for any manager.

The problem appears when employees begin to resign in search of other plans and others begin to appear that, of course, are not up to date with knowledge.

To prevent the company from being lost when a worker quits, document the key processes in each department so others know how to do those things.

Keep your employees happy.

The best way to protect your company when a worker resigns is to keep everyone happy and build a strong culture that makes your company a good and pleasant place to work and offers opportunities for success for its members.

Keeping your employees happy is a no-fail strategy when it comes to avoiding churn, so let’s dive in a bit about other ways that can help you keep your employees from quitting.

Keep your employee happy and you will never need to deal with a question “what to do when an employee quits suddenly?”


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