Traineeship Programme to help people on the Isle of Wight into employment

The Isle of Wight have introduced a new Traineeship Programme to help the younger generations to have more employment opportunities.

 The Traineeship Scheme, which is delivered by HTP Apprenticeship College, has been supported by the Isle of Wight Council and the Isle of Wights Chamber of Commerce.

This scheme is very important for people especially aged, 19 to 24 years old. As island employers are being urged to take on people of this age group to help them gain skills and vital training that they will need to do certain jobs.

Not only has this scheme been accepted by governmental figures, it has also been largely accepted by many different businesses across a variety of sectors, such as the Hospitality, Tourism, Care and Agricultural sectors.

The scheme is mainly focused on helping young people to train for new careers. However, with the current situations that many businesses are facing, due to the pandemic, the scheme will also help out employers who have been hit hard by the pandemic.

So, what exactly does the scheme entail?

Businesses will be taking on trainees with the learning programmes that are tailored to suit their individual workplaces. It will provide real world experience for young people and at the end of the placement there may even be a potential job waiting for them.

Anybody who gets involved in this scheme will have the opportunity to take up traineeships at businesses such as The Tomato Stall, Everycare, Buckland Care, Heritage Attractions, Quayside Leisure and Island Equine.

Because there is such a wide range of businesses getting involved with the scheme it means that people will have the opportunities to gain valuable skills such as Food Hygiene and Health and Safety qualifications, as they will be working in environments such as care homes, restaurants, legal firms, education providers and horse riding. All where these particular qualifications are vital.

This scheme will not only help out young people who are trying to break into the workplace, it will also help out businesses that are getting involved. Each business will get £1,000 for every person that they give work experience to. HTP will also work closely with the employers to help come up with a bespoke learning programme that will benefit each individual trainee.

This kind of help will be very important for the young people getting involved because it gives them the opportunity to progress into a real job, once they have completed the programme as they are given help that they would otherwise never receive.

It also, gives people the opportunity to find a career that suits them, without them having to fully commit to it. As if they do not think that a specific area is right for them, then they have the opportunity to try something else, all while picking up vital skills along the way.

Rachael Randall, Principal and Chief Executive of HTP has states that, “this scheme is all about job creation. These are real jobs for young people that are looking for a change.”

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