Top 10 Countries Good to Work

Hi, find here Top 10 Countries good to work, where its worth it to go and start new life.

So enjoy it and find your favorite country here, maybe your new home.

Top 10 Countries Good to Work

1. Australia

Australia is a country with an excellent quality of life, high standards of living, and above-average overall happiness. It has the 3rd highest Human Development Index (HDI) in the world. Australia is known to provide a great work-life balance for people to enjoy their life outside of offices. Although it has a high cost of living, the minimum wage is also pretty high – about $14.

Visa Situations in Australia:

  • Working Holiday Visa – lasts for 12 months.
  • Working Visas – for people who pass skill assessment tests for some in-demand skills such as those in the fields of Engineering or Telecommunication.

2. Cambodia

Cambodia is among one of the easiest countries that provide foreigners a long-term work visa. Cambodia is fairly popular among Freelancers who manage their worldwide services through this country. Other popular job choices are NGO workers, members of an international company, and an English teacher. The attractions of working in Cambodia are the low cost of living, a rich culture, and tropical weather.

Work Visa for Cambodia:

It used to be relaxed in the past but now you have to immediately apply, on arrival, for a work permit to legally work in Cambodia. You can also apply for the Long-Term Business Visa – which can be renewed almost indefinitely (at least for now).

3. China

China is definitely one of the top 5 most influential countries in the world (if not the first or second). And by extension, it is also one of the most effective places to find employment. Multinational companies operating from China are always in need of English-speaking individuals who understand Western business. Native speakers who can teach English are also wanted in China. Therefore, the government offers attractive benefits to English teachers in China.

Work Visa for China:

Obtaining a visa for China is absolutely no hassle for English teachers. The company you will work for will handle the entire process for you. It is similar for other jobs as well. However, it is recommended that you have a jab beforehand and then the company will provide you visa through sponsorship.

4. Czech Republic

Europe as a continent produces many countries that foreigners prefer to work in, and the Czech Republic is a fine example of that. It has over more than 500,000 foreigners working. Most of them live in the capital Prague – where most foreign jobs are available –or Brno.

The Czech Republic welcomes immigrants fluent in English. The need for native speakers is also abundant as they are necessary employees in international companies.

Visa situation in the Czech Republic:

  • A work permit is important for you before you start getting settled in the country. It can be issued to those visiting on Tourist Visa, but it is better to have one in advance.
  • After obtaining your work permit, you can apply for Employment Visa for a longer stay.
  • It is recommended that you have a job lined up before visiting the country for employment purposes.

5. Ecuador

Ecuador is one of the countries that provide an inexpensive lifestyle with the added perks of quality healthcare and a stable economy. Additionally, the residency or work visa is easy to obtain, especially if your job is already lined up in advance. Plenty of work in Ecuador is available for foreigners in international businesses, NGOs, and tourism industries. Moreover, Ecuador offers several jobs specifically for Spanish teachers, as well as English teachers.

Visa Situation in Ecuador:

  • Residency or Work Visa is very easy to procure with jobs already lined up.
  • Very few Visa requirements for Freelancers – Income of only $400 and a bachelor’s degree from Canada, Europe, or the USA.

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6. Germany

  • Germany is a modern and organized country that delivers cultural diversity, expressive history, and an amazing work-life balance.
  • People work only about 27 hours per week and have plenty of time to enjoy their private lives.
  • Healthcare, generous paid-leave and a chance to explore new culture are only some of the benefits.
  • The only minus is that the cost of living is high but still a lot lesser than many European countries.

Work Visa for Germany:

Obtaining a work visa for Germany is not too simple and requires a bit complicated procedure. But 2 most practical processes you can adopt are:

  • Artist Visa for Freelancers – grants residency for self-employed workers.
  • Looking for Work Visa – for people to search for a job when in the country. Then apply for Work Visa after securing a job.

7. Netherlands

The Netherlands is well-liked amongst foreigners generally due to the working conditions and respectable work-life balance. Netherlands is a hub of jobs in the sectors of IT, Finance, and Engineering. It is because the majority of the population holds a master’s degree. Hence, your chances of employment are fairly high.

The Netherlands also actively pursues foreign entrepreneurs with incentives that will help them get started in the country. You can capitalize by employing the local talent or investing in a business in the country. Netherlands’ government also aids by mentor service for you and your business.

Work Visa for the Netherlands:

Obtaining a work visa in the Netherlands is difficult but rewarding in the long run. You can apply for the following 2 visas for the Netherlands:

  • Start-up Visa – lasts for 1 year for entrepreneurs’ new and innovative business ideas.
  • Self-Employment Visa – for smaller business owners.

8. New Zealand

New Zealand promotes a relaxed, exciting to adapt to, culture with an incredible work-life balance. It goes on to being the reason why 90% of foreign workers report their work experience as most satisfying.

Visa Situations in New Zealand:

  • Working Holiday Visa – for 12 months for people all around the world.
  • 23 month Working Holiday Visa – for citizens of the UK and Canada.
  • Easy to obtain a work visa for advanced jobs ranging from engineering to telecommunication fields.

9. South Korea

South Korea is the country that makes a variety of jobs available for foreigners, especially if they are fluent in English. The reason for that is the Government invests plenty of money in English education. Hence, perfect for a career as an English teacher. Furthermore, the work benefits and the low cost of living – less than only $13,000 – are the cherry on the toppings.

While moving to South Korea, a person has to settle into the rank and hierarchy culture of the country. However, one might receive favorable treatment on account of them being a foreigner. One more adjustment factor is the longest working hours among any of the developed nations.

Work Visa for South Korea:

  • E-2 Visa – Fastest and Easiest obtainable visa for English teachers.
  • Working Holiday Visa – lasts for a year if you are not an English teacher.
  • Looking for Work Visa – lasts for 6 months for those seeking a job.

10. Vietnam

Vietnam is another on this list preferred for most by foreign workers. It boasts a great work-life balance and takes initiatives to promote life outside career. Like other countries, an English teaching job is also a preferred job in this country. Freelancers also prefer to operate from this country particularly due to its beauty and incredibly low cost of living.

However, the low cost of living comes with the flaw of relatively low wages and a congested city with chaotic traffic. Since it is a developing country it faces such problems and hasn’t found a fix yet. Although, it comes with a silver lining in the form of more jobs through NGOs and international companies.

Visa Situations in Vietnam:

  • Long-stay Business Visas are accessible but difficult to renew.
  • Foreign workers must hold a work permit to legally work in the country.
  • Visas should be arranged before arrival in the country even if companies claim to provide it after.


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