Loyalty of Your Employees Motivates

Loyalty motivates

Loyalty is the quality that is ever in demand. Be it a friend or family, or a professional acquaintance, loyalty is always something that is sought after. While it is desirable in personal life, it is incredibly critical in a professional career.

Loyalty is something that motivates the employee to perform their services beyond the confinements of the job descriptions. Though the job descriptions do present a guideline for employees to adhere to, they do not compel the employee to put their hearts into the work. By contrast, a dedicated employee would repeatedly trump over the “performs by the book” employee.

While there is nothing wrong with the employee that performs by the book, but a loyal employee, that often goes the extra mile, would always be preferred by the bosses. When running a business, everything comes down to numbers. The loyal employee would put in extra effort to secure the sale.


Loyal customers

The profit and growth of a business are greatly impacted by the loyalty of customers. Customers become loyal based on the quality of service they receive. For example, the waiting time to be served at a bank greatly impacts customer satisfaction. Not only that but also how they were managed by the employee at the bank also affects their satisfaction.

An employee who takes the time to handle every need of their customer would secure customer loyalty. The customer would feel comfortable with the same employee the next time they need assistance, and they wouldn’t mind paying an extra buck just to receive a better service.

By the excellence of the service by employee, they have secured the customer for a lifetime – or until as long as the quality of service is maintained. The employee that likes their job and feel valued at the company wouldn’t mind putting in extra effort for their firm. Instead, they would look for opportunities to repeat the process. When the employee sees that their work impacts the company’s performance, they would be motivated to present their best work.


Loyal employee

Employees are loyal to the workplace where they are appreciated for their work and the job keeps them engaged. It shouldn’t be too challenging, nor too boring. According to a survey from Korn Ferry, 33% of employees are always looking to jump ship just because they are bored at their job. Hiring new employees is always a hectic task, and the effort that goes into preparing them for their job is too demanding. That is why it is necessary to foster loyalty to the companies within employees.

Mentoring loyalty in employees is several times easier than hiring a new worker. It does not require much effort but only a few practices every now and then. The management is responsible for making employees feel like they are a part of the company. It would make them comfortable to bring forth ideas that benefit the firm and go the extra mile every now and then.

This is possible only when they can see a better future for themselves in the firm and are well aware of the impact of their work in the company. For this, the bosses need to devote a little bit of time, at least once a week, to listen to their employees and show them how their job has benefitted the firm.


Loyalty – Productivity

Loyal employees are productive employees. Otherwise, they would just be engaging in conversations with their colleagues, trying to run out the clock. Loyalty goes two ways. The employees would be treated with bonuses and will be rewarded for their efforts for the company, and in-turn the firm would reap from the profits of business success.




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