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Importance of Social Media

Nowadays, many Human Resource professionals use social media to find qualified candidates who have a scrupulous professional integrity and many encourage their employees to expand their contacts via social networks diminishing the myth that using the internet during working hours will affect their business, rather online interactions will promote their business. It is indeed important to look at social media engagement of candidates to analyze motive, attachment, career aspiration, critical thinking ability, effective networking, leadership trait and other behavioral aspect.

There are several thoughts how employers consider this really important while hiring talents for their companies/ organizations. These are as follows:

·         Manny companies have come up with this new approach and new thinking which they believe will help them to increase their business dealings and increase their revenue.

·         Another worth full aspect of social media is that companies can share their information with a wide audience which has a long-term benefit because, these relationships will attract people to do business with them in the long run. This even applies to customer service.

·         Social media will become an expedient tool for HR professionals when proper systems are used to measure the results of using it.

·         Many companies find tremendous potential in social media tools for sharing real-time ideas and solutions with co-workers. Having perennial relationships with good quality people will result in stronger relationships which will, in turn, position their business in a way where others will pay attention to what they have to offer.

·         HR professionals use tools like Twitter Tab to keep up with the industry changes and news, collect information and articles for their job and related certifications. They also do blogging to inform about the concepts, practices, and methodologies of their business. The concept “thinking out of the box” applies when it comes to HR and social media. They now realize the need for rewarding this kind of thinking.

·         Companies are also trying to create a HR tool which will analyze not just a job candidate’s LinkedIn profile, Twitter feed and Facebook postings but also their activity on specialty sites specific to their professions, such as the open-source community forums. By reviewing many posts of the candidate, any HR professional can easily come to know about Strength and weaknesses of a candidate because they post everything without thinking about a particular job.

·         This approach to recruitment is creating a new technical world order where job applicants are found and evaluated by their merits and contributions, rather than by how well they sell themselves in an interview.

·         With the advent of social media, HR professionals are now reviewing the corporate values. The only thing that is for certain is social media can dramatically castrate expectations. So it is beneficial for all industries and businesses or to anyone who has not yet embraced it; to grow with these new technologies and see how it can incorporate into their workplace through efficacious strategies.


Learning Will Be Social and Happen Anywhere & Anytime

Many companies created the Social Learning Camp profiling companies re-imaging learning. They boiled down to one realization: social learning is not new; in fact, we have always learned from one another in the workplace. Only now that social media has revolutionized how we communicate in our personal lives, organizations are bringing “social” inside the enterprise and adopting tools to make it far easier to find experts, collaborate with peers and learn both from and with colleagues.

Thus seeing so many benefits of social media in HR organizations should use it to develop five critical skills for leaders: negotiation, communication, time management, change management and problem-solving.

While deciding to go for new hiring, it is truly beneficial to check social media accounts of the incumbent to ensure selected candidate is the best fit in all ways. It may benefit the company/organization towards achieving strategic vision. It is agreed by all that 92% of companies are using social media for hiring—and we’re not only talking about LinkedIn.

However, while hiring, it is the growing need of time to assess selected candidates’ social media involvement before making final decision on selection process. Thus seeing so many benefits of social media in HR organizations should use it to develop five critical skills for leaders: negotiation, communication, time management, change management and problem-solving.

Among the primary reasons employers hired a candidate based on their social networking site were: candidate’s background information supported their professional qualifications, great communication skills, a professional image and creativity. But don’t avoid the stress all together by deleting or hiding your profiles. Believe it or not, this can be even more detrimental to your brand. Fifty-seven percent of employers are less likely to call someone in if the candidate is a ghost online.


The bottom line? Think before you post, because there’s always someone watching. Don’t put anything online that you wouldn’t want your mom, grandma, dad, uncle, best friend’s mom or cat to see or read.


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