Finding A Job After Lockdown

Finding a job is difficult anyway, never mind having to find one during a worldwide pandemic.

In the United Kingdom, the rate of unemployment is the highest that it has been for around five years. In response to this crisis, the government have promised that the March Budget will give out extra help for job seekers.

Which sectors are hiring?

As of February this year, the number of job adverts that are posted online reached 80% of the level seen in February 2020. It has even fallen as low as 34% in the first lockdown.

So, before you even get into anything else, you need to know what kind of sectors are hiring people.

The main sectors that you should be looking at are transport, logistics, and warehouse jobs. As they are the ones with the most job adverts out there right now. Simply because most of these kinds of jobs are classed as essential, and can continue to work as they are, with maybe even an increased demand.

 How do you begin to look for a new job?

 Job searching, is daunting and slightly terrifying. But it does not have to be. You just have to know exactly where to look and how to look for jobs.

To start with you need to be strategic with your search so, you should probably be looking at the sectors who have faced employee shortages, as well as those who are growing.

If you look at sectors who have faced significant employee loses throughout the pandemic, you might have more of a chance. As they will probably need as many staff as they can get to, get back on their feet.

You should also pay special attention to sectors that have become increasingly popular. As they will need to hire more employees to be able to keep up with public demand.

 How can you stand out from other applicants?

 Standing out from the sea of applicants has always been a very important part to consider when you are applying for a job. But it is possible, that now more than ever, you should be doing everything that you can to stand out from the crowd.

There are many different ways that you can do this, and the first thing you should do is look at your own personal network. Such as your friends, family and even some acquaintance’s. It is very likely that at least one of them will know someone or some business that is hiring. Most employers, like personal recommendations, and you might even hear about the job before it is advertised. Which may give you an upper hand.

You should also ensure that your CV is up to date, and that your skills are highly emphasised, as that is probably one of the first things that an employer looks at. You should also clearly list your past achievements; this is also something that they want to see. It gives them more of an idea of who you are and what you stand for.

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