CV Review and Important Factors to Consider

Talent Acquisition starts from CV review

Talent Acquisition procedure has become an important factor for an organization success. However, right candidate selection procedure starts from CV review and ends with interviews. Nowadays, online application system (e-recruitment) has been accepted globally by most of the companies. On the other hand, introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) while applying online has enabled to make initial screening through asking validation check or probing questions. Moreover, many companies introduced MCQ while job seekers apply online. In relation to this, while scanning CVs, most of the employers are interested to review the following issues:

  • Location- Identifies one’s heritage
  • Industry- Whether belongs to similar industry
  • Function- If background matches with the business
  • Level- Whether present status is in similar level
  • Recent Experience- If there is proper matching
  • Education- Whether it is a qualifier
  • Turnover- High turnover rate is discouraged
  • Functional resume- It tends to hide something
  • Obvious thing- If any spelling errors, poor format, errors in grammar, too long, verbose and rambling


Some companies have specific choice while picking candidates as they truly believe that they have set criteria.

These are as follows:

  • Work Experience- Most of the companies are interested in either seeing general work experience or specific experience related to the role the person was applying for.
  • Education- Several companies check whether academic background truly matches with the role of a new position.
  • Languages- Ability to demonstrate high standard language proficiency is the considering factor for some positions.
  • Format & Presentation / Contact Details- Some companies have a strong believe that the format and presentation of the CV is important.


Free tools for CV review: There are free tools available to be downloaded online. These are:

  • Job Search Scorecard
  • Jobsites
  • LinkedIn Profile Scorecard


There is a very common reality of active and passive candidates. These are:

  • Active candidates are open to and in pursuit of change and a stronger desire to succeed when hired
  • Passive hires are not successful in their new roles and it is more expensive to recruit someone who is considered passive


However, there are other issues we need to explore while making CV evaluation for any position. These should be taken into consideration while screening for testing process. These are previous organization(s), strategic eye, career goal/objectives, whether ethnic/minority group, accomplishments/achievements, frequency of job changes, salary expectation VS present salary and networking/affiliation with professional association.


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