10 Things Not to Do During Online Interviews

The beauty of the internet is that you can connect to anyone anywhere in the world without physically being there. It was only a matter of time before this ideology invaded the work lives and hence so, the online interviews.

Online Interviews

Are vital factor in these pandemic days. Besides, they save both the interviewer and the interviewee a ton of money and time. However, online interviews are still a new thing and some people can get too comfortable when interviewing from their home. This is why we have compiled a list of don’ts that should absolutely be avoided in the online interviews.

1. Don’t have a funny username

First things first. DON’T do this. It shows unprofessionalism and will throw off your favor right in the beginning. After that, it’s everything downhill.

2. Don’t go unprepared or start typing in the middle

Just like a normal interview, you shouldn’t go unprepared. Google your research beforehand. Be prepared and definitely don’t go searching in the middle of the interview. It is noticeable. And let’s say that you are a good actor, they can still hear your typing.

3. Don’t be unaware of your surroundings

Don’t just hold your interview anywhere. Find a private place where you won’t be disturbed. Make sure the wall behind you is presentable with no offensive posters or objects in the background.

Also, Give a heads up to your roommates or family members. We all know the things that go around at home where people tend to get too comfortable. Neither you nor them would want to be caught off-guard or embarrassed.

4. Don’t have a messed-up internet connection

Don’t go into an interview with a choppy internet connection. Imagine you are a gamer. You do know how enthusiastic they are about their internet connection. And you would be familiar with their frequent loud growls “I AM LAGGING”. Well, imagine you are a gamer for this interview, so you must have a top-notch internet connection. Especially, if you plan on working remotely for your job.

5. Dressing from waist up

While this is extremely tempting, after all, that is what will be most visible, but don’t risk it.

You might need to stand up or move around. Some clever interviewers might give you such a task to see your seriousness of the job for their evaluation. Now would you want to be caught in your tie and dress shirt combined with way too comfortable and breezy shorts?

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6. Don’t read it off

While it may be very easy to read off from a computer screen, you shouldn’t do it. Although, this practice is good before the interview to prepare you for the coming questions.

You should read it aloud beforehand, so they sound natural during the interview. Besides, all questions aren’t going to be something that you would have already practiced.

7. Don’t be afraid of asking for more clarification

Some questions might arise in the interview you won’t have the answer to. Or some people are just not so good at answering clearly on the spot. Haven’t we all been there when we are lying in our bed at night asking ourselves why we didn’t respond with that?

So, don’t be afraid of asking them to rephrase the question or repeat the question. This gives you extra thinking time or maybe the rephrasing would just click an answer in your head.

8. Don’t be shy of asking questions

Asking questions is actually something that gives you plus points during the interview. It shows that you are interested in the company. This usually happens at the end of the interview when they ask you that if you have any questions for them. This is when they are looking to get a better grip on the potential hire’s personality.

9. Don’t Forget to show-off your charming personality

Granted, online interviews don’t really give the “real” feeling since they aren’t physical. But they are very real my friend. So, don’t forget to smile. Make eye contact. Just be you and show-off your charming personality that we know you do have.

10. Don’t get distracted

And finally, don’t get distracted through the interview. Some interviewers might use this tactic to judge your skills or problem-solving skills. They might get disconnected or their video might get turned off on purpose.

They are waiting to see how you handle such situations. Do you stay focused or get easily distracted by such interruptions?


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