What Does Employee Referral Mean

What does employee referral mean – in a general sense, making a recommendation implies that one person suggests an idea to another. It is a proposal that is made so that the other benefits in some way.

When advising something, you are trying to help, and the person who receives the advice must assess whether it is useful or not, whether he is going to follow it or reject it.

If the concept of recommendation is applied in the world of work, its initial meaning changes substantially. An individual is recommended when an influential person who knows him has made some effort to be hired.

The recommended (which implies a previous recommendation) is plugged in. And the plug is a practice considered not very decent since it alters a basic principle in hiring a worker: that you have to choose the most qualified person to carry out an activity.

Thus, the recommendation is synonymous with influence peddling. The term nepotism could even be used, although it is a seldom-used cultism. This practice is widespread and is especially serious when performed in the public sector as in private, there is no dependence on a normative administrative strict but is based on personal criteria responsible for the private entity.

The public or private context is decisive when it comes to evaluating the idea of ​​recommendation ethically. In private, it does not have a negative, pejorative or immoral sense. Consider, for example, a specific case.

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What does employee referral mean then?

An employer meets a highly qualified worker and recommends him or her to another employer for hire.

On the contrary, if something similar happened in the state administration, it would mean that the contracting control mechanisms have not worked. It would be talking about a case of corruption.



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