Top 10 Insurance Companies in UK

Hello, If you are the one who is searching for Insurance Companies in UK then you have landed at right place. These days every person wants to be insured because it helps a lot in difficult time. Life, medical, illness, over50, home insurance and many more you need to cover your standard of living.

In this article we have provided the entire information about top Insurance Companies in UK.


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Top 10 Insurance Companies in UK

1. Aviva

  • Gross written premiums – £11.2 billion (2018)
  • Positive opinion of people – 41Employs over 31,700 people in the UK.
  • 17% market share of life insurance and savings market.
  • 10% share in the general insurance market.
  • Operates in 16 countries.

Employs the greatest number of employees in the UK in this list. Aviva’s website claims it to be at the number 1 market position in UK individual annuities.

It has been operational for over 300 years. It provides savings, retirement, and insurance to 31.6 million people.

2. AIG

  • Gross written premiums – £5.3 billion (2017)
  • Heritage traced back to 1919.
  • Operational in more than 80 countries.

Provides insurance services in general property/casualty, life insurance, and retirement and financial services. It has an operational history of more than 60 years in the UK. In the year 2019, it wrote net premiums of £1,130 million and reported a pre-tax profit of £186.4 million.

3. AXA

  • Gross written premiums – £4.46 billion (2018)
  • Positive opinion of people – 31%
  • It serves over 100 million people worldwide.
  • Operational in more than 57 countries.
  • Employees over 160,000 people worldwide.

AXA provides its insurance services in property, casualty, and health insurance. AXA financial report claims that it controls about 8% of the property and casualty insurance market. It also controls about 30% of the health insurance market in the UK.

4. Zurich Insurance Group

  • Gross written premiums – £3.57 billion (2018)
  • Employs over 55,000 people worldwide.
  • Employs over 4,500 people in the UK.
  • Operates in more than 215 countries and territories.
  • Experience of more than 130 years.

Zurich Insurance is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. It was founded in 1872. It provides insurance services in life insurance, property insurance, and casualty. It claims to control a 10% market in terms of gross written premiums.

5. RSA Group

  • Gross written premiums – £4.12 billion (2018)
  • Positive opinion of people – 53%
  • Employs over 12,650 people in the UK.
  • Experience of more than 300 years.
  • It has more than 9 million customers worldwide.
  • Operational in more than 100 countries.

RSA group covers 2 different insurance categories: Personal Insurance and Commercial Insurance. Personal insurance covers your home, vehicles, pets, and valuables.

While commercial insurance provides protection for businesses and business owners. Its net written premiums for the year 2019 were £6.4 billion and it employs about 13,500 people worldwide.

6. Direct Line

  • Gross written premiums – £3.22 billion (2018)
  • Positive opinion of people – 39%
  • It was launched in 1985.

Direct Line now operates under a wider brand name of Direct Line Group. It employs over 10,500 people in the UK (2021). Its financial report of 2018 revealed £1.67 billion of gross written premiums to its customers for motor insurance.

The rest of it was given to home insurance (£607 million), commercial lines (£511 million), and roadside assistance (£423 million).

7. Allianz

  • Gross written premiums – £2.17 billion (2017)
  • Employs over 147,000 people worldwide.
  • It has more than 100 million customers worldwide.
  • Operational in over 70 countries.
  • Employs over 4,200 people in the UK.

Allianz provides insurance services at every hierarchy, ranging from sole traders to commercial organizations. It also provides services for musical insurance, legal expenses insurance, and pet and equine insurance. Its operating profit, before quota share, for the year 2019 was £111 million.


  • Gross written premiums – £1.56 billion (2018)
  • Positive opinion of people – 51%
  • Founded in the UK in 1947.
  • Employs over 84,000 people worldwide.
  • Serves over 17.9 million customers.

BUPA was ranked 87th (out of 750 multinationals) in the Forbes list of “World’s Best Employers 2020”. BUPA provides services in health insurance, health provision, dental provision and insurance, and aged care provision. Health insurance accounts for 74% of its annual revenue, reaching up to 18 million customers worldwide.

9. Ageas

  • Gross written premiums – 1.3 billion (2018)
  • Roots trace back to 1824.
  • Serves over 5 million customers in the UK.
  • Employs over 3,200 people in the UK.

Ageas insurance policies cover a variety of sectors. Its services include insurance policies for home, motor, and health policies. The majority of its policies are written for motor insurances. The Ageas website claims it to be the 5th largest car insurers in the UK.

Ageas is a part of the Ageas group, which operates in 14 countries and has partnerships with 26 partners. It reported a net profit of £59 million in 2019, with gross inflows reaching up to £1.46 billion.

10. Admiral

  • Turnover – £1.69 billion (Turnover comprises of total premiums written plus other revenues and income from admiral loans)
  • Positive opinion of people – 39%
  • Employs over 10,200 people in the UK.
  • Serves over 5.58 million customers in the UK.
  • It has 7 million customers worldwide.
  • It was founded in 1993.

Admiral started as an insurance company with expertise in car insurance. It has now expanded to cover more sectors such as home insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance, and personal loans, etc.

It has won over 100 awards for being a good employer and was named 23rd best workplace in the world. The interim results of 2020 reported net profits of Admiral Group at £287 million.


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