The 6 Functions of Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is all about managing employees and to fulfill the organization’s requirements. Moreover, it has certain roles and responsibilities. Listed below are the main functions of HRM:


Recruiting Talent

Recruiting might seem easy but it’s no kid’s game, especially if you have to fill 20 vacancies within a month. A lot of time and effort are required to short-list, screen, interview, follow-up, and so on. The role of an HR manager is not just to crowd the organization, instead hire talent. One of the most important responsibilities of HR is to hire talent.

Smooth fresh start

After hiring fresh talent, the next step is to orient the new employees to the organization. Human Resource Department does this to make sure new joiners can feel comfortable and gel in with the culture quickly. The smooth orientation process is the result of effective onboarding by HR. Additionally, the new employee is made aware of the responsibilities and resources.

Training Management

Training and management are the major functions of human resource management. An improper training program can have several negative consequences and one of them is employees leaving the organization after a few months of joining. People usually quit due to a lack of clear statements and no guidance about work responsibilities. When it comes to letting new people know about company goals and resources, there should always be transparency in it as it can lead to motivation and the best delivery of work.

Recognizing and Appraising

One of the best ways to recognize employees’ hard work and dedication is by rewarding them. It is the HR’s responsibility to review and reward the employees. With continuous appreciation and recognition of hard work, HR can improve employee’s performance and productivity. Automated platforms like the use of human resource management software can be used to give accurate feedback. The process should always be fair and transparent.

Managing Employees

Properly managing employees is extremely important. The human resource department should keep them acknowledged and satisfied with the new strategies. Employees are the pillar of any organization and managing them in the right way can prevent employee turnover and improve productivity. Besides that, it also promotes a healthy work environment.


Keeping up with compliances and tax amendments has to be the toughest job performed by HR. Managing payroll without any software can bring a lot of errors. As amendments and laws are changing all the time, committing to payroll becomes a little difficult for HR. However, there are various software that makes payroll management a piece of cake.



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