Successful Coaching Career in 2020 – How Can HR Help Establish That?

What is a coaching culture?

Before jumping to the definition of a coaching culture, let’s take a look at what coaching, in general, is Coaching allows you to partner with another individual in a creative and thought-provoking process in order to maximize that person’s personal and professional potential.

Since there is partnering involved in coaching, it means the entire process is based on trust. As far as thought-provoking and creative processes are concerned, people should be curious to learn new things and have a growth mindset. Lastly, throughout the process, there should be a strong belief in another person’s potential.

So, when it comes to coaching culture, the entire concept is based on the fact that it is an organization where people trust each other, are free to question the status quo, and are willing to co-exist. This is regardless of what position they are in. Everybody has the right to make themselves heard and contribute to the work the organization is doing. When trust, curiosity, willingness to learn, and growth mindset comes under one roof, this is known as coaching culture.

How can HR prove the ROI of coaching?

In learning and development, it’s quite difficult to prove the return on investment. Moreover, in coaching, it’s even more difficult. Every organization has a different goal for the coaching process.

For many, it is all about career coaching so the employees have a good career path, while others focus on behavioral change. Furthermore, for some organizations, it could be based on innovation.

Engagement surveys can be used to shed more light on it, if engagement scores are going up, this means there is more trust and their managers are supporting them better. Besides that, technology can also be used to gather important data. If the coaching process is taking place, technology can be used to see the performance levels. Data can always be gathered and then calculated to see the results.

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How can HR use technology to support its coaching efforts?

People talk a lot about digital coaching but what they don’t know is that there are different tools involved in this regard. Some tools have a human touch while others don’t have a human touch. There are various chatbots where there is no human element, but this is not a good solution.

However, there are digital coaching solutions that have a leader to coach. This is considered as an on-the-point solution. Keeping the human element is very necessary, though you can digitalize certain parts of the coaching process. In short, when you have the technology, you can easily integrate it with the organization’s performance development tools and then create reports and generate data from the coaching process.

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