Profession As an “Organization Secretary”

Presentation about CS (Company Secretary)

Behind each effective man there is a lady. This idiom can be bent a little to suit our motivation ‘Behind each fruitful organization is a devoted Company Secretary’.

A Company Secretary is an individual who guarantees consistence, all things considered, which identify with the working of an organization. Thus, information about corporate laws and the guidelines identified with it are obligatory to formalize business bargains.

Aside from being mindful to the investors and overseers of the organization, an organization secretary likewise speaks with the rest of the world for the organization. Henceforth, he/she is the ‘substance of the organization’.

An organization secretary’s job begins from the exact second when the possibility of development of a Company is considered. Despite the fact that the possibility of arrangement of an organization Secretary (CS) may fluctuate from organization to organization the information and preparing gained by organization secretaries make them adaptable to complete different capacities in Finance, Accounts, Legal Administration and Personnel territories notwithstanding their own secretarial obligations and duties.

Organization secretaries, in this manner involve a crucial and adaptable situation in organizations.

The profession course of Company Secretary isn’t just lofty yet is monetarily compensating as well.

  • Secretarial review/consistence review
  • Compliance testament for organizations not needed to utilize an entire time secretary
  • Signing of yearly reports
  • Advising organizations on consistence of lawful and procedural angles, especially under different acts like SEBI Act, Intellectual Property Rights, Labor and Industrial Laws, setting up of auxiliary sheets, drafting of authoritative archives, and so forth
  • Representing the organization or different people under the steady gaze of the Company Law Board, National Company Tribunal.

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