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They are the biggest and the most experienced IT recruitment agency in Poland. They work with clients that have a similar approach to business – we need to love what we do! This is why they work mainly with software product companies and startups. They have experience in setting up new tech offices of companies in Poland and hiring the best polish IT specialists for them.

Their IT Recruitment formula is to link the best IT Talents with the best IT companies from all around the world. This way they can offer the most excellent job opportunities and attract the highest level of talent. Success breeds success. Cutting-edge companies appeal to job candidates with cutting edge skills, and they are passionate about putting the two together to make a perfect fit.

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GoodMan Recruitment Agency offers a Complete Recruitment Solution. Their main goal is based on the Search and Selection of ideal candidates whose knowledge, experience, psychological profile, and motivation will match the requirements of the job profile set out by their client. Their Consultants – thanks to their extensive experience, qualifications as well as market sector knowledge – guarantee the highest level of service to each individual client need.

They specialize in recruitment services in the following market sectors: sales & marketing, finance, banking & accounting, pharmaceutical, medical, IT & Technology, engineering & construction, production & Logistics, legal, administration & human resources.

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Adams Multilingual Recruitment:

Adams Multilingual Recruitment specialises in matching multilingual and near-native English speakers with job opportunities in the Netherlands. We are passionate about recruiting and dedicated to placing the right candidates with the right clients.

With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, they pride themselves on offering a high quality, professional service. They are known for providing a transparent and honest recruitment approach with a personal element. They listen carefully to their candidates and clients in order to gain a clear understanding of their needs.

With offices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, they have a truly international team. All of their team members are multilingual expats who speak native or near-native English plus 2 or 3 other languages.

Each of their recruiters specialises in a specific area such as marketing, customer services, finance, secretarial, logistics, sales, human resources, IT or executive. This specialist knowledge allows them to provide in-depth advice and information to clients and candidates alike.

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They are a licensed Recruitment and Employment Agency with 10 years of experience in providing wide range of services, such as:

  • hiring skilled and unskilled workers from Western European countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Moldavia, etc.) and Asia (Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh)
  • processing of work permits and visas obtaining for employees from foreign countries for work in Poland
  • legalization of foreigners’ work and stay in Poland (work permits, temporary residence cards, permanent residence cards, citizenship)
  • temporary employment of foreign workers in Poland and leasing of employees
  • delegation of foreigners to work in other EU countries
  • outsourcing services in the welding industry, assembling services, mechanical metalworking, and machining metalworking
  • services of establishing a business entity in Poland (companies, partnership, etc)
  • The recruiting Agency Worksop is working in a branch of recruitment and employment on the interstate and international levels. We recruit and hire workers from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh.

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Collabera Poland:

Collabera has over the years, regionally expanded its Hiring and Managed IT services for its clients in the largest cities of Poland.
They’ve marked a niche in delivering cutting-edge applications and requirements, specific industry experts. They have employed skilled recruitment delivery managers, account managers, client support professionals, across their offices in Warsaw, Cracow, Wroclaw, and Gdansk.

They try to reach out to hiring the best resources in Poland through their connected agency networks, job portals, social channels, and professional networks. Throughout their Company reach, business networks, they ensure their teams follow people-centric, and client-centric deliverables.

Within Poland, their team has successfully engaged resources at Client locations through flexible Onshore, Offshore, and hybrid business models. They continuously strive to deliver their best for their urban clients based on their scope of work. Reach out to know how they can help you scale higher within your industry.

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Akcja Job:

Akcja Job was created in 2006. The services they provide are based on several pillars: recruitment of temporary employees, recruitment of permanent employees at all levels of the company hierarchy, a consultancy in the field of competence management as well as training in the field of career management and competence building.

The core of their company is composed of a team of specialists who are highly qualified and experienced in the field of management, personal consulting, and human resources management and who have gained their experience in international corporations. Akcja Job’s rapid development and establishing a significant position in the Polish and French market is due to the knowledge and experience of our employees and the management team.

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P2 Recruitment – Specialists in IT and Engineering Recruitment

P2 Recruitment was born out of a need for quality workers in East Anglia during 2002. Since then they have built up an enviable reputation for providing the highest quality personnel and an excellent level of service.

Over time they grew and expanded their service; in the autumn of 2004, they started providing Polish architects and engineers to British industries.

They work with a spectrum of businesses: international companies as well as smaller, family-run concerns. They have moved from Britain to Poland in 2008 and expanded our business throughout Poland, Europe, and the Middle East.

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Headcount Solutions Ltd:

Headcount Solutions Ltd was founded in Dublin, Ireland in early 2005 by three highly experienced professional engineers with extensive knowledge of recruiting, resourcing, and managing project teams for the design, construction, commissioning, start-up and ongoing operations of process, manufacturing, industrial, infrastructural and commercial facilities.

Based in their Warsaw office, the team covers the entire region, bringing a depth of expertise, experience, and knowledge that positions Headcount as a leader in personnel placement.

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Alpharec is an excellent recruitment agency operating in an international environment since 2006. Their clients represent the following industries: IT & Engineering, new technologies, production, and professional services for business.

They recruit programmers, engineers, experienced specialists, industry experts, sales masters, and managers. Thanks to valuable experience, know-how, smart, and very hard work they deliver results to their clients, fantastic and admired employers.

They operate in EUROPE (90%) CEE 50% (Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Ukraine) DACH 30% (Germany, Switzerland, Austria) BENELUX 20% (Netherlands, Belgium) and OTHER (10%) USA, UAE, India, Australia, Israel

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CFW Recruitment Specialists:

Headed up by Susan Cox, CFW Recruitment Specialists provide specialist professional recruitment services to businesses and job seekers in Ireland and Poland from their offices in Dublin and Krakow. CFW was founded in 2003 by Susan Cox and David Wilkes who continue to grow and manage the business today.

They are a dynamic, people-focused organization providing innovative and strategic professional recruitment services. Their capabilities are scalable and their processes provide industry-leading results, regardless of the size of your company or your hiring project, if you are an employer looking for talent contact Susan Cox today to discuss how they can help. They focus on services: Accountancy & Finance, Banking & Financial Services, Global Business Services.

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IRKL Recruitment:

IRKL is a recruitment company that focuses on an innovative direct reach to candidates. They are able to provide valuable employees that are proven in terms of skills and attitudes towards work.

They are a “Friendly recruitment” coalition member. This means that they are committed to ensuring the safe recruitment of employees, based on the respect of all parties. One of the main areas of their activity is to provide qualified professionals from Poland and other east European countries.

IRKL has 100+ content clients in Germany, England, Norway, Nederland, and more. They support governmental and commercial employment agencies in their projects dedicated to the labor markets such as recruitment, selection, on-the-job training, and personal advisory.

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Allen Recruitment Consulting:

Allen Recruitment Consulting is an international recruitment consultancy firm established in 1998 with offices in Ireland, UK, and Poland. Sourcing in permanent, temporary, and contract jobs, with multinationals, early-stage, and indigenous companies, providing an unrivaled recruitment service. They are a passionate driven bunch, who love what they do and enjoy working with all types of candidates and some of the biggest multinational companies in Europe.

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WORK TEMP SERVICE – Office Jobs Recruitment Agency

WTS is a modern and dynamically developing company, offering services in the field of temporary employment, recruitment, employee selection and personal counselling. Each year our company employs several thousand people. Established in 2004, WTS has evolved through innovation, service excellence, passion and a strong belief in their core values.  They have a network of 25 recruitment offices across Poland. In their database they have applications of people with professional experience in diverse sectors such as Manufacturing, Logistics, Business Administration.

Their advantage is primarily the effectiveness, as well as experienced and competent employees and consultants. Their great team is a guarantee of high-quality services we provide every day. They serve many well-known Polish and International companies. They have certificates of the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Social Policy in the field of business, on employing temporary workers www.kraz.praca.gov.pl

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Pollux has been a fast-growing international organization since 2005. They are focused on the deployment of motivated (temporary) workers in the Dutch and Polish labour markets. Their head office is located in Roosendaal (The Netherlands). In addition, they have eight offices in Poland, one in Ukraine and one in Romania. With this extensive network, Pollux offers high delivery reliability and the ability to quickly enable and disable qualified staff (even at emergency situations).

They have many years of experience in various industries, such as logistics, manufacturing, engineering and catering. This ensures a consistently quality of service. In addition, they are constantly looking for new opportunities. Clients and their temporary workers are important to them. They deliver a diverse range of services. They want to contribute to the success of your organization and the development of their workers.

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Recruitment Agency Poland EWG:

Recruitment Agency Poland EWG is a licensed employment agency based in the Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Poland. They support their clients in attracting and selecting the best professionals in the Polish and foreign markets.

EWG Staffing Agency Poland proposes to you: a comprehensive and professional service in the field of recruitment and selection, carrier pre-selection and analysis candidates from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

Recruitment agency Poland EWG are distinguished by personal attention, speed and high efficiency. Staffing Agency Poland EWG, is experienced in conducting required recruitment and outsourcing projects. They recruit workers from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, without intermediaries.

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JOBSPOL Employment Agency

Temporary Employment Agency JOBSPOL operates in the international and national job placement industry. They recruit and rent workers from Ukraine and Poland to work. They will carry out every possible recruitment. They have a wide base of candidates for work with each specialization, both qualified and inexperienced employees.

Their company takes full responsibility for the correctness of the activities performed. With them, you can recruit specialists to carry out your project and to entrust your chosen workstation. Employee outsourcing with the JOBSPOL company is an ideal way to fill staff shortages, meet the demand for employees and optimize employment costs. Returning to them is a guarantee of a constant level of services, it is also a good alternative to invest in your own employees. With them, you can quickly get a team of employees to complete the project. They are always in touch with their clients.

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NTIATIVE is one of the best Polish recruitment agencies because they specialise in IT and IT only. They want to provide a unique and unforgettable experience by matching true IT professionals with great employers. Their team delivers to the commitments they gave to each other, their candidates and their clients. 

They love phone calls, messages and every chat app in this world. They are pros in responding to people. Get in touch with them, and they’ll compete on who can answer the quickest.

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150 000 recruited people, 16 years of experience, flexible long-term cooperation, high quality, safety and reliance, cost reduction, valuable employees and immediate response. They recruit and delegate Polish employees to work companies across Europe. They are a part of Polski HR S.A. – a holding operating on the market since 1999. Their company has been entered into register of employment agencies under no 7562 as an employment agency.

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MONDI – Human Relations

MONDI make the dreams of a perfect partnership between people and companies come true. They need sincere talks, open minds, work passion and recruitment tools. Sometimes a little bit of the “sixth sense” is necessary. These components help them join employers and employees to build stable teams. Although they recruit using hard data, they have never forgotten about personality aspects. Only a match between the two is a recipe for success.

HR is usually associated with Human Resources. For them the acronym stands for Human Relations. Their firm, Mondi Polska with German majority share, also belongs to the holding company.  They are based in Poznań and Rzeszów. Their Polish-German origin makes their international operation much easier. They have experience working abroad, and at the same time They understand the Polish employment market perfectly well. They try to draw on the best experience of both styles of company and team management. They combine German order and meticulousness with Polish creativity and a predisposition to unconventional solutions.

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