Google creating 1000 job opportunities in Durham

In this pandemic era, we have suffered severe loss of employment. It has become the main concern in many countries. But the conditions are changing in North Carolina. One of the biggest companies in the world, Google is opening an engineering hub. This platform is based on cloud computing and promises to provide 1000 jobs to the people of Durham.

Due to such an initiative, engineering students have the perfect opportunity to be a part of a well-known tech organization.

Google engineering vice president Marian Croak recently stated that they wish to hire the brightest minds. She also told that the Triangle Region has the right people for this job. The company is going to involve the local community and spread in this region.

Local views about this establishment

The director of Duke Career Centre is quite pleased by the project. He explains how this relationship with Google can create possibilities for the talented people of Duke. Even the chairperson of the Computer Information Systems Department in N.C., Donna Grant has told the media that using this opportunity many students can get jobs and internships in this high-tech company.

Why Durham is chosen by Google?

Google is expanding across various regions of the US. In this process, North Carolina shares a $7 billion investment plan. The project is one of the finest areas for border expansion in the US. Therefore, the entire region is going to undergo several changes this year.

Sundar Pichai who is the Chief Executive Officer of Google believes in transforming the nation that will help in the recovery process. Additionally, the plan is to increase employment in the US. by providing 10,000 new jobs.

Apart from that, life in North Carolina is less expensive than in Silicon Valley. That is why several small communities can take advantage of this opening. According to Google, around 150 people will get full-time employment in the Durham engineering hub. The selection procedure will soon start this year.

How it will benefit the students?

Getting a job at Google is a big achievement for many aspirants. The starting pay of an average engineering student is around $163,448. This can go up to $176,099 depending on the qualifications and skills of an individual.

Due to this, several students from different parts of the world try their best to attain a position in the company. Google not only offers a great salary but also an amazing environment to work in.

From advanced technology to great work culture and employees, Google is the perfect company for every engineer. Any person working there will be able to connect with highly qualified and experienced people having superb knowledge. Working in this company is a great career choice for everyone.

Grow with Google

Durham is one of the places where Google is investing in a cloud computing project. Cloud Computing is popular due to various reasons like security, speed, cost, and productivity. Now, the students have to decide how to make the best out of this situation.

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