The most developing industries in Poland

Guard and Aviation

Poland has abandoned an ambitious system of modernization in the interest of the Polish Army. Joined with the legal objective of military spending at 2% of GDP (one of the greatest among NATO countries, and not proposed to be brought far-fetched in the future), the outlook for the Polish defense sector looks positive.

Information And Communication Technology

Poland maintains its driving position as a close-shore objective for ICT (Information And Communication Technology) organizations in Western and Northern Europe. Originally Poland was the ‘number one’ objective in the CEE region in relation to R&D projects operated by programming organizations worldwide.


In addition, the ICT industry influences the development of the outsourcing sector in Poland. The general year-over-year growth of the region in Poland is assessed at around 20% and according to the Polish Investment and Trade Agency more than 40% of all outsourcing focus in CEE is located in Poland.



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