The most developing industries in France


One of the important ventures in France is the energy sector.  France’s driving power organization, Electricite de France (EDF), is the largest service organization on the planet.

The Energy Organization, which is registered on the French Stock Exchange, is the state’s largest share investor.  In 2003, 22% of the absolute power in the European Union was distributed by the EDF.

Manufacturing And Technology

The Manufacturing is one of France’s largest businesses representing billions of dollars in the country’s GDP.  The nation is regarded as the fourth largest car manufacturer on the planet and is home to two of the largest automakers on the planet: Peugeot and Renault.

France is additionally well known for its aviation sector, overwhelmed through Airbus, the world’s driving airplane manufacturer.

Innovation is another important monetary pillar in the country’s economy.  France is among the most mechanically developed countries on the planet, and the nation has an ideal climate for mechanical examination and advancement.

This climate has inspired the development of possibly the largest innovation organizations on the planet.


Transport in France is a multi-billion industry, and a part of its important participants are major organizations worldwide.  France has the most dense network of road and rail routes on the planet, interconnecting the country’s urban areas.

The railroad network in France spans 18,580 miles, a large part of which is under the activity of (French National Railway Corporation).



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