2021 Sees a surge in the digitization of employment opportunities

In recent years, we are seeing a growth in work from home jobs. This condition is further increased since the pandemic hit several parts of the world. LinkedIn, which is a social business website, has done thorough research about the digitization of employment.

According to this company, almost all the top-paying jobs in the world can be completed remotely. Furthermore, around 15 countries are following this trend. This data was posted on the Jobs on the Rise report by LinkedIn.

As the situation of pandemic subsides, companies can again go for work from the office process. However, many sectors including Information technology, support, and healthcare can still be a part of this new working methodology. Such a massive revolution in the digital world can create new opportunities.

What does this mean for the job sector?

After a complete analysis by LinkedIn, it seems that most of the job positions in companies do not require on-site exposure. The jobs can be easily done from a remote location. That is why if you want to succeed in the modern world, you must have digital skills. People who are already familiar with this, have a better chance of survival in the job industry.

How the situation is evolving?

After the world got hit by COVID-19, several companies are doing most of the work from home only. If we talk about statistics, in countries like the United Kingdom, the number of online grocery buyers has doubled since the first lockdown. This has resulted in the excellent growth of many e-commerce websites.

A sudden improvement can be seen in several online platforms. Around 143% of people were hired in the packaging and supply chain sectors. Other platforms like podcasts and radio stations saw an increase in the audience that jumped over 15 million. This clearly shows a rise in digital media jobs for both full-time workers and freelancers.

Another surge was seen in India, where the percentage of digital content creators on YouTube rose to 82%. People are finding new ways to earn money, and the digital world provides the perfect platform.

The same thing happened in the United Arab Emirates, where 197% growth was recorded in the digital content freelance hiring sector.

The entire region of South East Asia is becoming more digitally active. Two prominent industries that are opening a variety of jobs for people are HealthTech and EdTech. Information Technology teachers, medical technologists, and pharmacists are having more opportunities in this era.

Predictions for the future

LinkedIn has predicted that in the next five years, around 150 million new employment opportunities related to technology will be globally available. This includes jobs like software development, digital marketing, graphic design, and data scientist. A 35% annual improvement in data engineer and data scientist can be observed in the US.

World Economic Forum also reported that 84% of employers are now open to the idea of remote working. With the accessibility of remote work via digitization, many people will be able to make a career change.


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