Why Managers Should Remember to Say Thank You?

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Why Managers Should Remember to Say Thank You?

Have you ever sacrificed sleep, family time, or other personal freedoms to complete the perfect event, project, or report for work? No, stop and think about it. Ok, now that you have that image in your mind. Can you recall hearing the words “Thank You?”

If you have, please continue to smile. If not, it’s ok. You have a chance to make a difference.

Now, ask yourself: do you tell your teams and direct reports “Thank You” when they go beyond the 8hr. work day to complete high priority assignments or do something extraordinary? I hope so.

As a project manager and occasional people whisperer, I tried to include these two simple words in my everyday life.

We are so conditioned to believe that receiving pay for one’s work is enough to do one’s job flawlessly. It is not!

Pulling inspiration from college psychology classes, understanding Maslow’s hierarchy of needs specifically love and belonging, and esteem is essential for any manager.

Team cohesion comes from love and belonging. Here, individuals need to feel they belong to a group or were divinely brought together to achieve a greater purpose. Once you have a team, esteem comes next. Your team members need to feel respected and valued.

A simple thank you can address both needs.

Telling an individual thank you validates his or her efforts, and it makes it easier to ask for a favor in the future such as doing an emergency edit on a report at 10pm. Telling a team thank you reinforces their bonds and acknowledges their collective work efforts.

Setting a positive and harmonious work environment where people are considerate of other’s time and Thank Yous are given out like Oprah handing out new cars will increase productivity in any environment.


Bianca J. Jackson, MBA, PMP®

Career Coach, Speaker, Consultant and LinkedIn Strategist

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