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about us eabouteFew friends got together amid search for their jobs. Their principle discussion was about businesses and how representatives ought to be dealt with by their management. How everybody ought to take after the straightforward control – regard of each other. Since boss without representative has no item to offer and worked without manager has no wage.

We need to discuss our own and yours involvement with them. This is our objective to get discusses this since it will help everybody. We know numerous job sites are the world over yet the greater part of them have simply worksheets. We might want to offer you our blog with exhortation and tips how to look for your dream job. Obviously, scouts and managers can post their job opportunities for nothing.

Founder of eaboute

Id’ like to present me here. My name Is Waldemar Menhart and I’m that individual behind this site. I inspired plan to begin this website when I was searching for an occupation. I should state it was difficult to search for jobs and match my necessities with it. What’s more, extraordinarily when I had awful understanding previously.

Amid my search for a job, I begin figuring out how to assemble a site from each source I could discover – for the most part from YouTube. The best lift and inspiration I got on LinkedIn. Perusing posts from influencers and searching for the correct contact was great to begin for me. Because of few LinkedIn friends, I set up this site and I began blog up here.

Name of this website eaboute ascended from three words – employee about employer. Perhaps this name sounds odd however I think it bodes well..

I seek your best fulfillment with this website and accomplishment in your look for a vocation. Enrollment specialists and managers I want you to enjoy all that life has to offer to locate the ideal competitor.

If it’s not too much trouble reach me for any of your inquiries or business related prerequisites/questions. Simply click here to fill the frame. What’s more, I will reply when I can.


Our Friends

We’d like to mention friends who are helping us with the blog on our job site. Along these lines, we need to thank them. Their posts on our blog are sights and thoughts from their background. On the off chance that you might want to find out about them simply tap on following connects to see their profile on LinkedIn. Possibly you will discover what you are searching for in this informal community. You can read more posts or get in touch with them there.

Oleg Vishnepolsky – Global CTO at DailyMail Online and Metro.Co.Uk

Kerri Twigg – M. Ed – Career Coach | Certified Resume and Job Search Strategist

Bianca J. Jackson, MBA, PMP® – Career Coach, Speaker, Consultant and LinkedIn Strategist

Mahabub Sadik – Human Resources Manager at icddr,b

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